Booster Event – Instant Level 150

Players can kickstart their adventure in iRose with an instant level 150 character. Redeem the coupon code BOOSTER

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Patch Notes 25.09.2016

Applied some experimental network changes, some fixes and a debug overlay

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Connection Problems (Globe ISP)

Players using Globe may currently have problems connecting to the server. We are looking at this with our host.

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Patch Notes 25.08.2016

Dungeon items, Item Mall sale, new items in Unions, Craft and Treasures.

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Union War

Union War Point Event

It’s time for WAR! Prove you’re the best in the Union Battlegrounds and climb to the top of the leaderboard to claim your DP prize!

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Poster Making Contest

Do you have ink in your veins? Can you make a painting with the blood of your victims? Show off your artistic skills in our contest!

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Weekend Mania!

The Experience, Drop and Farming rates have been boosted x2 until Monday morning.

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New Event Managers

[EM]NightOwl, [EM]Holiday and [EM]Raven will bring more activity to the game with regular events and activities.

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Google Authenticator

You can now protect your account with Google Authenticator. An attacker will need your account name, password and your phone to access your account.

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