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DDoS Attacks / Server Migration

We have successfully migrated our server in response to the DDoS attacks we have suffered from.

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Dual Guns

Update 2.12: Gunslinger, Offline Vending

A new job is available for Dealers. Gunslingers fight by using dual guns.

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Crystal Defenders

Update 2.11 : New PVP Games

Added three new Arena Games: Crystal Defenders, Akram Arena and Draconis Peaks. Updated clan permissions and many other things.

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Update 2.10 : Christmas Event

The Penguin Maffia is trying to cancel Christmas! Escort Santa to his Planetoid and defend him from the Penguin Maffia all the way through Mount Eruca.

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New Website Launched!

Welcome to the new iRosePH website! Check out the game info and community pages! There’s a lot more information for new players and iroseph veterans.

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Halloween Event

Junon is under attack! Monsters are invading the City and we need your help!
[Evil Farmer] Jack in Mount Sherock might know what to do.
Happy Halloween!

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Update 2.9.0 – Halloween

Added the Halloween Event. Changed the Celestial War mechanics: The planet winner is now the Clan that has captured the planet for the longest time.

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Anniversary Draw

Anniversary Draw Result!

The anniversary season has come to an end with the prize draw. We congratulate all winners, especially AndyLimKennethSy for winning the first prize.

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Update 2.8.4

Fixes some bugs with the Deathmatch game, restores Love Island, fixed the glitch with switching attack speed equipment, and more.

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Update 2.8.3 : Deathmatch, Noob maps

Deathmatch is a new PvP game for the Game Arena. It can be started by Event Managers, and can be 1v1 or team-based. It takes place in a new map. Two other maps were also added.

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