Character Information

Character Information

The character information window which can be opened using (alt + a) shows all the necessary information which you need to know about your character.

Basic information suchs as the Name, Level, Job, current EXP and the amount of EXP (experience) needed for the next level, current HP/maximum HP (health points), current MP/maximum MP (mana points), current STA/maximum STA  (Stamina), Soulmate, Clan, Union (flag), Players ELO, Valor points, Premium Points, Stats distribute, available stat points still to be allocated, Stats Attributes under the Stats tab and Prestige stats Attributes under the Prestige tab.

As most of the information that is in the Character Information is widely explained in our other guides (see below) we will explain some tips and tricks that you should know about the Character Information window.

Attack & Defense PVP/PVM

When hoovering with your mouse above Attack [ATK] and Defense [DEF] you will see PVP and PVM, this stands for:

  • PVP Player versus Player
  • PVM Player versus Monster

These stats are used for special items that have either a PVP or PVM stat.

ELO Points

Every player has an ELO based on their kills and deaths in the Junon Cartel and is currently only used for fame.
You can see every ELO score when opening the score menu inside Junon Cartel with (alt + j).
The ELO score resets every 2 weeks.

Allocating unused Stat Points

When clicking on the + icon with your mouse and holding the control key pressed a window will open that allows you to add multiple stat points to your desired stat Attribute.

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