New Client Released : iRosePH 2.0


New Client Released : iRosePH 2.0

New Client Release

After months of painstaking development and adjustments for the new client. we would like to announce that the new Game Client is now ready for download. thanks to our developers “tintin, Moogle and Jay”, and to to all the testers who participated on the project.

Here is brief explanation about the project. the project consist of two phase,

Phase 1: The new client – our developers have enhanced the current features that we have and added tons of new features included in the new game client.

Phase 2: The Server – the new game client wont work without server updates. the developers enhanced the server side as-well, making the server more stable and reliable.

This post will cover the Phase 1 of the project: “The New Client”.

Everyone should download the new game client, once you have downloaded and saved the “New Game Client” you cannot play with it just yet, we need to update the server as-well, we are releasing the New Game Client to give everyone a head start for the server update.

we will announce when the server update will be implemented, and we expect by then that everyone has the new game client. Patch Notes will be posted inline with the server update.

Quick recap of what you need to do:

1. Download and Save the New Game Client.
2. Wait for the announcement of the server update.
3. DO NOT remove or delete your old game client until the server has been updated.

(There are 3 Download Links, you just need to download from one link. we provided 3 links to accommodate the traffic.)

LINK#1 (From mirror site)
LINK#2 (From our main site)
LINK#3 (From mirror site)

The game client file size is 1.0Gb. do not forget to use your preferred download manager.

Any question or inquiry regarding the new game client will be answered in this thread.

Start your download everyone!