Game Arena

The Game Arena is the hub for special iRosePH PVP Games.

Cave of Ulverick

Instanced Dungeon

Are you brave enough to enter the Cave of Ulverick and defeat the deadliest spider known to exsist in planet Junon?

Sea of Dawn

Instanced Dungeon

Will you be the one to free the Goddess Luna from her icy prison and release her from her unbearable sadness?

Crystal Defenders

Daily Union War

Crystal Defenders is an attack/defend style game, with one team attacking, and the other team defending a series of crystals.

Akram Arena

Daily Union War

Akram Arena is an attack/defend style game, with one team attacking, and the other team defending a series of crystals.

Celestial War


The Celestial War is a weekly event on all five planets. Destroy the crystals and hold the planet to own it. Win the hot planet for extra prizes.


By Event Managers

Domination is a battle for control over five Beacons. Beacons can be captured by holding control over the area.

Draconis Peaks

By Event Managers

Draconis Peaks is a dragon training ground, located deep within the heart of the Lunar mountains where only the fearless dare to refine their skills as legendary warriors.

Empire Battleground

By Event Managers

Empire Battleground is battle area on one of the Lunar lakes. Players are grouped into a red and blue team. The goal is to destroy the enemy team crystal.


Multiple times a week

The goal of Deathmatch is to kill as many other players as you can to reach the score target. It’s available as Solo (1v1) and Team (2v2) formats.

Clan Tournament


The Clan Tournament is a weekly tournament in which clans fight eachother with 15 players. Teamwork is required!

Solo Tournament (1v1)


The PvP Tournament (Solo) solo is a tournament where high-level players face eachother. 1-on-1, time to prove your skill!

Soulmate Tournament


The Soulmate Tournament is a weekly tournament where Soulmates can fight eachother. Are you the strongest couple?

Classic Tournament (1v1)


The Classic Tournament (1v1) is a tournament where oldschool players at level 255 can fight can test their skill.

Team Tournament (3v3)


The Team tournament is a tournament between groups of 3 players. The players in each group must have a different job.

Group Duel


Create a duel instance with your group and duel using the same rules as PVP Tournaments.

Billionaire Raffle


This is a weekly raffle where you can win over a billion in zulie and item mall points! Tickets cost 1 million.