How to make a Party
Select a player, open your Skills window (ALT+S) and use the Party skill to send a party request.
A party can have up to 7 members. You can party players who are 30 levels lower or higher than you.

Party Level
A party can be leveled up by killing monsters. The monster’s name must be yellow, orange or purple.
For every party level you will receive +1% additional exp for monster kills. A max level party (Lvl 50) will give +50% exp per monster.

Other benefits
If you party with a Cleric you can receive party buffs and party healing.
If you party with your Soulmate your abilities will be boosted.

Party Matcher
Looking for a party? Check the Party Matcher in the Community window (ALT+C) to find a party appropriate for your level. Click the party to send a whisper to the party leader!

Distribution of drops
Even Share (default) : All drops are classified in three categories (Equipment, Consumable, Material) and distributed among the party members on a rotating basis.
Free-For-All : The player who picks up the item will receive it

Distribution of exp
Equal Share (default) : All members receive the exact same experience.
Distributed by Level : Higher level players will receive more experience than lower levels.