Update 10/2020


Update 10/2020


– Rose Online Arena is available now. 1vs1 arena for now, You can register anytime 24/7 and choose Skirmish or Ranked Arena. everyplayer start at 1000 Elo rank.to join you just have to open Gamearena window-> Arena -> Join !By the end of the month the season ends and top 3 rank players will get big rewards pack ! and the Rank will be reset to 1000 for everyone.

– Match making will only put you in your elo range ( 1000 rank player will not fight against 2000rank player ).

– Ranked arena is only available for max level characters . if you want to play arena without ranking you can still choose Skirmish to test yourr skills or have fun anytime from level 10 to max level .
– Added 3 new exclusive maps also for the Arena system . Junon Arena , Luna Arena , and Jungle Arena. the instance map is random everytime you join arena.- Auto buffs are available in 1VS1 arena .

– Titles combobox have been moved from achievements dialog to Character infos dialog .

– Added 8 new achievements for every arena ranking range.1v1 Aprentice, 1v1 Disciple, 1v1 Mentor, 1v1 Elite, 1v1 Guardian, 1v1 Overlord, 1v1 Saint, 1v1 Divine,- Added 8 new Titles for arenas .New Blood, Noble of Weapons, Delegate of War, Prime of Warfare, Duke of the Titans, Prime of Vigor, Herald of Nightmares, King of Kings.- The titles will not be reset on season ends.

in this update we moved two game arena event from On Demand to Union War ! from now on you will get honor points reward by doing Empire Battleground , and Domination.this two pvp games will be announced 15 Minutes before the start ( 18h00 and 19h00 ) server time respectively.
– Empire battleground is daily event and will be announced ingame it is crystal game, every team must destroy the opponent team crystal , you also Shadow Altar and Light Altar to destroy and Get special Buffs !the first team that destroy crystal wins . you get union points based on win / loose / kills .
– Domination game is daily event and will be announced ingame , you must capture the 5 beacons , the first team that gets 3000 Points will win and get Union points .
with this four Union War Games you can get up to 80 Union points per day.

– Added Honor Points.

Honor points is new currency that you will get mainly from doing pvp . you can spend honor to get special Costumes / Wings / Mounts and much more in the near futurethe honor shop is located in Junon [Honor Reward Store] Marcus Graham.
Marcus sells all honor items crates and crate keys.
– Added new runes on honor shop that will give you stats exlusive to your job Jupiterune ,Nepturune ,Saggirune ,Mercurune . you can get one of those along with venerune saturune or plutorunein the honor runes box.
Items in the honor crates are the following :
– New costumes

  • Tea Party Costume,
  • Fable CostumeFairy Tale Costume,
  • Warlock Costume,
  • HipHop Costume,
  • Shark Costume, White Formal Costume,
  • Black Formal Costume.

– New Scarf back items

  • Hero Scarf Red,
  • Hero Scarf Purple,
  • Hero Scarf blue,
  • Hero Scarf White ,
  • Hero Scarf Black,
  • Hero Scarf Green,
  • Hero Scarf Yellow,
  • Hero Scarf Brown

– New costume weapons

  • Banana Sword,
  • Kiduti Normal,
  • Fashion Siringe,
  • Fashion Dual Axe,
  • Sotoba,
  • Teruteru,
  • Devine Cross,
  • Teruteru Spear.

-New wings

  •  New Sinister Archangel Wings
  • Sinister Archdevil Wings
  • Artic Archangel Wings
  • Artic Archdevil Wings
  • Archangel Wings
  • Archdevil Wings .

– All Gamearena Tournaments now reward 25 Honor ! 1v1, clan tournament,soulmate tournament, 3v3, and classic 1v1 tournaments for level 130.

– Draconis peaks is daily event and will be announced at 17h00 server time , you must capture enemy team eggs and feed your dragon at your base, lost eggs also can spawn randomly on the map and bringing back the eggs to your base will score points too . the Draconis peaks will reward 50 Honor points for winners and 20 points for the other team.

– Team Deathmatch have also changed, we did moved it to Honor rewards too . winners will get 50 Honor , second place 30 Points and Third place will get 20 Points.many changes have been done on deathmatch to prevent teaming up , before users could teamup and kill everyone, that will not be possible anymore since all players will have the same costume in the map.
– Added new map that will replace snow flake arena, ” The Coliseum ” will host all Tournament events .

– Changed map of eldeon clan field to brand new exlusive map wich is smaller and better than the old one.

– Marsh of ghosts no longer a pvp map

– All masks have dodge rate now .
– Added 13 new sets to the item mall

– Added Honor booster to item mall

– Changed the love island map to new Exclusive one.


  • Fixed bug where players could go inside trees
  • Disabled soulmate recall on eldeon clan field where players could use it to go inside trees.
  • Doing arena rewards +1 Honor for the winner , you can do up to 28 arenas per day .
  • Fixed bug where you could get disconnected using player command.
  • Fixed bug where you could inspect enemy player and get his name in team deathmatch.
  • Fixed bug where you could see enemy player name in hp bar. in team deathmatch.
  • Fixed Ancient golden bowgun where it had duals animations.
  • Fixed the dodge rate on masks where it was having wrong numbers.
  • Fairy buffs can be reset now .