Update 28/01/2017


Update 28/01/2017

Item Mall
– Added Union Point Booster to boost your Union Points from Akram Arena, Crystal Defenders and Union Quests by 50% for one month. This booster applies on all characters on your account.
– Added Item Unbinder to unbind dungeon items.
– Added Reforger to reset an item’s refine grade.
– Reorganized the categories. Jewelry, Animated items, Belts and Set boxes can be found in the “Other” category.

Game Arena
– Tournament and CW rewards have been changed to Beetleman sets.
– Low Tournament has been removed and replaced by Classic Tournament (1v1). It’s a tournament for lvl 255 characters. Classic Tournament has the same rewards as the Solo Tournament (1v1).
– Team Tournament and Team Deathmatch now only require different jobs, there is no first job requirement.
– Deathmatches no longer add bonus points for kill streaks. Only kills affect your score now.

– Added Portuguese localization for the Item Mall.
– Added Portuguese localization for Game Arena announcements.

– The Alt/Ctrl hotkey bar will reset to its original page when releasing the keyboard button.
– Fixed a bug with scrolling in the Chat window and other lists while using window mode.
– Game Arena announcements now contain a link to select the game in the Game Arena dialog.
– Fixed several bugs in the confirmation popup for joining a dungeon.
– Added the stun duration on the stunned chat message.
– Skill descriptions will no longer split in the middle of a word.
– The reconnect message has been moved to the system chat box.
– Clan skills are now visible in the Skill window.

– You can now open vend shops while riding a mount.
– You now don’t lose your buffs when riding a mount.
– Fixed a few client crash bugs.
– Fixed PK in the Cemetery.