Update 2.5.2 : Item Mall Credits


Update 2.5.2 : Item Mall Credits

Hello players!

P2P Disassembly will be brought back today.
We have created a safe method to reuse your P2P again.
In your Item Mall window you will now see two types of points.
1. “Points” : These are your regular Item Mall Points
2. “Credits” : These are the points you will receive from disassembly.

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•When you disassemble an item you will not receive Donation Coupons anymore, instead your Credit Balance will increase.

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~These Credits can only be used to buy new equipment or cart parts, so they can’t be converted into Donation Coupons and can’t be stolen from the account.

•The ItemMall Checkout dialog has been adjusted to display whether you are buying an item with Points, Credits, or both.

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~For example, if you are trying to buy a 300pt equipment piece and your account has 500 Points and 200 Credits, then the item will be bought using 200 Credits and 100 Points.

We will also make Donation Coupons tradable to stop the rise of vending scamming due to the price cap. The cap remains on vending but you can use Trade again to sell the coupons for a lower price.

There will be a patch this evening to apply these changes.

Expected down time for this patch is 30 mins.

Thanks for your patience,
iRosePH Online Management