New Website Launched!


New Website Launched!

Welcome to the new iRosePH website!

As you can see, a lot has changed. We hope all of you find it an enormous improvement.
Over the past months we have worked hard to create a website that could be an extension to your ingame activities. All of the previous functionality has remained, while two completely new sections were added.

Game Info

Game Info ought to be a huge help for new players aswell as iroseph veterans. You can find all info about Items, NPCs, Skills, Maps, Achievements and the Game Arena Events.
All of this info was combined from the game files and can be updated in an instant. You’ll find 100% accurate tooltips, craft recipes, drop locations and much more.
On NPC and Monster pages you can even see and rotate the character’s 3D Model!

The previous website was missing something important: guides. For new players it’s important to get some guidance when joining our world. The Getting Started guide series should offer all information a player needs from registration to first job. The Game Basics series will expand on that and guide you through all of the basics and unique features of iRosePH. You can find more guides by clicking the “Guide” category on the right side of this post.


In Community we bring you the details of players, clans and events. This info is live and updated every 15 minutes.
You can see a player’s visible equipments, achievements, skills, and even watch the character in 3D! A recent history shows what he or she has been up to lately. Clans offer a similar history and show you the full clan roster.
On Game Arena Results you can browse results, see all Tournament group members and Deathmatch scoreboards.

Additionally, you can search through the Game Info and Community databases by clicking the hourglass icon on the navigation bar. The icon right next to it can be used to log in.

The donation page has been updated aswell. Emails are no longer necessary, you can now submit your receipts through the Donation page. Donations with receipts are processed once a day, while PayPal donations are added multiple times a day. Bitcoin is even instant!

Comments and Suggestions

Got any suggestions or just a comment? Let us know on our forums!

Special Thanks
Special thanks goes out to paix, hayalla, Voldo and our very own [GM]Kyros for writing guides!