1v1 Gunslinger vs Gunslinger – March 4


1v1 Gunslinger vs Gunslinger – March 4

The event has ended! Congratulations to the winners!

1. xShadowBled
2. Marker

Watch the entire event bracket here.

Class: Gunslinger
Lvl: 255-275
Starting time: 8 PM GMT+8, Saturday March 4
Registration will happen through the Snowflake Arena tournament in the Game Arena.
Fights will happen one by one, and spectators can watch by using the Event Warp in Junon Polis.
There will be no round timer.
Full buffs will be provided with normal cleric int.
Double elimination (with losers bracket)
Final will be Best of 3
If a player is not online at the start of his round, he will have 3 minutes to get back in the game. There will be no substitutes.
If a player disconnects during the fight, the round will be forfeited.
No use of charms, scrolls, icicles etc.
No skill restrictions.
No dual clienting.