Character Stats

Character Stats

Stats are a way to customize your character and build. Stat Points are obtained each time your character levels up, you can use them to increase your Stat attributes. Stat attributes are limited to 450 per basic stat. The cost of increasing an attribute varies from 3 to 80 points.

Stat Attributes

Strength – Also known as Str.
+ Attack power with swords, dual swords, axes, spears, launchers and staffs.
+ Defense.
+ Total Health Points (HP)
+ The ability to hold more weight.

Dexterity – Also known as Dex.
+ Attack power with dual weapons, katars, bows and crossbows.
+ Dodge rate.
+ Moving speed.

Intelligence – Also known as Int.
+ Attack power with wands, staffs and spheres.
+ Magic Defense.
+ The ability to cast better and longer spells.
+ Total Mana Points (MP)

Concentration – Also known as Con.
+ Attack power with guns, dual guns and launchers.
+ Hit Rate
+ Health Points Recovery Rate.
+ Mana Points Recovery Rate.
+ The ability to get a higher success chance in crafting.

Charm – Also known as Cha.
+ More or Better Rewards on Quests.
+ A smaller chance other creatures attack you.

Sensibility – Also known as Sen.
+ Critical Attack
+ Attack power with ranged weapons (bow, gun, launcher, sphere and wand).
+ The ability to get better stats and durability on items in crafting.

Stat Information

Attack PowerAlso known as AP.
Determines how much damage you do on players and mobs.

Defense – Also known as Def.
Determines how much damage you take from physical attacks. More defence the less you take.

Magic Resistance – Also known as Magic Defense, M-Def, MDef, MRes, Magic-def.
Defense against Magic based attacks. The more you have the less damage you take against magical attacks.

Hit RateAlso known as Hitting Rate, HR, Acc.
Determines how often you hit.

Critical – Also known as Crit.
Chance to double or triple your attack power, and attack through some of the enemy’s defence power.

Dodge Rate – Also known as DR, Dodge.
Makes your opponent miss their attack more often.

Attack Speed – Also kwown as A-speed, AS, A-spd, Atk-speed.
How fast you Attack.

Movement Speed – Also known as M-speed, Movement, M-spd, Mspd
Determines how fast you move.

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