Union War Point Event


Union War Point Event

It’s time for WAR! Prove you’re the best in the Union Battlegrounds and climb to the top of the leaderboard to claim your DP prize!

1. Join Akram Arena and Crystal Defenders.
2. Get as many points on all game arena union wars throughout the event week.
3. Reminder: You have to complete the objectives to gain max points not just killing the opposing team members.
4. Event will run all throughout the anniversary week From August 22, 2016 – August 28, 2016
5. Accumulated Union points from quest and previous union points will not be considered as points.
6. You have to be a member of any union (you can join unions in Junon Polis).
7. If there is a tie in Points, we will use “Kills” and “Wars Played” as tiebreaker.
8. Points are counted per Character. Multiple characters on one account will not be added together.
9. There will be zero tolerance for AFKing leechers, your account will get a GA ban at the first violation.

To join Akram Arena and Crystal Defenders, press ALT-G or the game arena icon in game under the SCHEDULED tab.
Akram Arena: Everyday registration starts at 8:30 GMT+8
Crystal Defenders: Everyday registration starts at 22:00 GMT+8

1st: 800 DP
2nd: 500 DP
3rd: 300 DP

Winners will be announced on August 29, 2016
A tally board or leaderboard can be found here.
A guide to explain the mechanics of Crystal Defenders and Akram Arena can be found here.