Character Name Clean Up


Character Name Clean Up

Over the years hundreds of thousands of characters have been created, and many great names have been lost on low level inactive characters. From September 1st it will be possible to reclaim those inactive character names with the Name Change Coupon.

Name Protection

Our system works similar to LoL, using a protection timer that increases with your character level.
Each character starts with 5 months of protection upon creation and gets an extra month of protection for every 5 levels. This total is the number of inactive months until the name becomes available.

Level 1 : loses protection after 5 months of inactivity
Level 10 : loses protection after 7 months of inactivity
Level 70 : 19 months
Level 130 : 31 months
Level 255 : 56 months
Level 275 : 60 months

What happens when the protection expires?
If your name loses its protection you will keep your name until an other player reclaims it.

What happens when someone reclaims my name?
If your name is reclaimed by an other player you will be assigned a temporary name and given a free name change when you log in. Your character will not be deleted!

Can I claim an inactive name with a new character?
No. New characters can not claim inactive names.

Name Availability Checker

Use the availability checker to see if your desired name can be reclaimed.