Update 2.8.4


Update 2.8.4

Deathmatch Fixes

  • Scoreboard sort works better now (ALT+J window in Game Arena zones)
  • Party skills will only work on your group now
  • Added missing party buffs
  • Icicles and other useitems are blocked similar to the PVP Arena
  • Automatically teleported out if you are stuck after the event
  • KIllstreaks are reset at the start of the game
  • In a Team Deathmatch the total point of the team counts to win the event

– Love Island has been restored.

– The Achievement window now correctly displays your Achievement Score

– Disabled clan member kicking for deputy masters. Deputy masters can only invite players now.
– Disabled /clan invite and /clan remove in PK zones.

– Announcements are now in the regular chat area instead of system messages.

– Fixed the tournament match generation bug that caused the Tournaments to glitch today.
– Fixed the bug with attack speed when switching from +ASPD equipment to other stats. (The character will no longer stop when switching equipment)
– Fixed the visual glitch on the new Jewerly item descriptions
– Fixed the visual glitch with Ant monsters.