Update Notes for June 15th


Update Notes for June 15th

Added a new Gem, Beryl. It’s available in craft up to [7]
Added new gem socket icons for all gems.
Added emojis for chat, messaging and shop titles
Added a second way of securing your account, instead of PIN you can use Google Authenticator on your phone
Fixed the ingame browser
Fixed a memory leak that caused server instability
Added functionality to turn a world object or item into a website surface.
Fixed a Duel bug where the wagered items got lost
Added a mechanism for automatic reconnecting on disconnect [still in beta, will only be activated temporarly for testing]
Added a confirmation box with preview when applying Paints.
Items without refine can’t be painted anymore, because they don’t show any color.
Added support for unicode characters such as special symbols and foreign languages
Added scrolling to the list of Characters in Character Select
Increased the Bounty limit from 10,000,000 to 99,999,999

Fixed a crash when linking certain weapons in chat
Fixed the effect for Sleep status
Disabled /attach on players in Stealth
Fixed bugs in the Group Duel Arena game and made round timers dependent on group size.
Fixed Arena bugs that would make you stuck in a group
Added GA reward icons to the window
Requests of Trade,Ride Request,Add Friend,Party and Duel are blocked in Game Arena maps
Blocked dual clienting in Deathmatch
Cave of Ulverick reward has been upped to 15 000 000
Added GA Energy requirement to Cave of Ulverick, GA Energy recovers at 7 per minute

Changed Team Deathmatch to a 2v2 format.
Changed Team Tournament to a 3v3 format.
Draconis Peaks eggs auto restore to the base after being dropped for 2 minutes

Adjusted the starting time of Solo Deathmatch
[1] Tuesday 19:30 in PH, Tuesday 13:30 in EU, Tuesday around 8:30 in BR ]
[2] Friday 02:00 in PH, Thursday 20:00 in EU, Thursday around 15:00 in BR ]

Adjusted the starting time of Team Deathmatch
[1] Wednesday 02:00 in PH, Tuesday 20:00 in EU, Tuesday around 15:00 in BR ]
[2] Thursday 19:30 in PH, Thursday 13:30 in EU, Thursday around 8:30 in BR ]

Fixed the name of the Storage Expansion Coupon.
Fixed the drops of BigBoss event.
Fixed the mini map of Adventure Plains, it now shows the Forest of Dawn gate.
Fixed the mini map of Heliopolis, it now shows the Paradise of Ra gate.
Fixed Question & Answer answers, some were outdated.
Fixed Bunny Shoes, the name wasn’t showing.
Fixed Poison Damage typo.
Fixed the chance to drop a Yellow Samurai Cap.
Fixed Adrenaline Rush status for the Gunslinger skill Supersonic.
Fixed Achievement rewards for the first and second job, it should now reward a box with a timed item.
Fixed the traps skills for Hunter class, enemies will now show that they have been stunned or muted by a trap.
Fixed Easter item icons.
Adjusted the skill Landmines for Bourg class, landmine names are now hidden so you can no longer target them.
Adjusted the skill Cure for Cleric class, it now can only be used when using a wand.
Adjusted the skills Support, Hit Support, Blessing Armor, Blessing Body and Blessing Mind for Cleric class, it can no longer be used with a magic sphere.
Adjusted the Beam Blade Skill, it can now only be used by two-handed weapons for Champion.
Adjusted the droplist from Chess Dimension.
Adjusted the picture of Forbidden Jam.
Adjusted item type Magic Tool to Magic Wand.
Adjusted Etc. as face item type, it will now show Face Item instead.
Adjusted Gem crafting materials.
Adjusted the attack power of the Falcon Axe, it now has the same weapon damage as the other weapons in the weapon range.
Added Dual Blaster Pistol MK I and Dual Sonic Pistols MK I to the droplist, it drops in Oblivion Temple.
Added Zephyr Falcon to the droplist, it drops in Underground Prison and Sikuku Ruins.
Removed Extra stats from PAT items, only suitable items will receive extra stats suchs as PAT weapons and accessories.
Removed Free Storage Coupon.
Fixed craft window color.
Shout is now visible to the entire map, not just your close area.

New Items:
Item Mall
Pharao Tunic Set (4 pieces)
Leather Frost Set (4 pices)
Sturdy Frost Set (4 pieces)
Adventurer’s Set (4 pieces)

Power Wing Orange (Back Item)
Power Wing Purple (Back Item)
Angelic Wing (Back Item)
Angelic Wing Blue (Back Item)
Red Stripe Backseat (PAT)
Grey Speed Wing (PAT)
Blue Speed Wing (PAT)
Black Speed Wing (PAT)

Junon Order
Red Lunar Cat Hull (PAT)
Red Lunar Cat Chasis (PAT)
Red Lunar Cat Skiis (PAT)

Righteous Crusaders
Blue Lunar Cat Hull (PAT)
Blue Lunar Cat Chasis (PAT)
Blue Lunar Cat Skiis (PAT)

Ferrell Guild
Green Lunar Cat Hull (PAT)
Green Lunar Cat Chasis (PAT)
Green Lunar Cat Skiis (PAT)

Pink Lunar Cat Hull (PAT)
Pink Lunar Cat Chasis (PAT)
Pink Lunar Cat Skiis (PAT)

Doctor’s Back Arms (Back Item)
Snapper Shell (Back Item)
Ancient Royal Adomment (Back Item)
Pegasus Wing (Back Item)
I <3 ROSE (Back Item) Prototype Lunar Cat Hull (PAT) Prototype Lunar Cat Chasis (PAT) Prototype Lunar Cat Skiis (PAT) Blue Steel Backseat (PAT) Black Steel Backseat (PAT) Beach Cart (5 diffrent colors) Beach Cart Engine Beach Cart Wheels