Territorial War 26/05


Territorial War 26/05

The Territorial War will be hosted on Friday at 20:30. Clan grouping will start at 20:00.
The two teams will battle it out for control of the Training Grounds!

1. The two biggest clans can choose a CM for the Team Junon and Team Eldeon clans.
2. Both teams have 30 minutes to invite 50 members into the clan, CMs for both clans can promote 3 DMs to help him invite members
3. Required levels 255-275 (no job restrictions).
4. After 30 minutes of preparations teams will have to Clan teleport to TG.
5. The team who holds control of the Training Grounds at the end of the war be declared the winning team.
6. The war lasts 1 hour.
7. There will be breaks in between clashes to rebuff.

Prizes for the winning team will be 50 million zulie each.

Team Eldeon will take upper TG. Team Eldeon will be regrouping near the Righteous Order Union.
Team Junon will take lower TG. Team Junon will be regrouping near the Ferrel Guild Union.