Christmas Update


Christmas Update

Enabled the quest in Mount Eruca [Talk to Felice Fete in Eucar]
Enabled the quest in Santa Planetoid and added two new equipment sets as reward for this quest. [Complete the Mt Eruca Quest, then go to Planetoid]
Enabled the quest in Skii Lodge and added two new equipment sets as reward for this quest. [Talk to Felice Fete in Eucar]
Added various new item sets for the 12 Days of Christmas Event series
Added Christmas Trees in various maps.
Added Xmas emotes to the shop titles.
Changed Draconis Peaks to Reindeer Peaks with Reindeer rewards instead of dragons.
Updated the loading screens and Junon posters

Celestial War
Temporarly disabled the Castle skill requirement in Karkia, all clans can participate in the Karkia war this week.
Fixed the quest description of the Karkia Castle quest
Increased the chance of getting monster proofs for the Karkia Castle quest

Item Mall
Updated the stats on the newly added armors. Charm is removed, HP bonus was upped to 400.
Fixed the defense on the new shields.

Decreased spirit ghosts and decreased debuffing
Added monster spawns

Portals now appear in the Cemetery for up to 30 minutes instead of 10.
The catacombs now close when the boss is killed.
Fixed the name of the Golden Gargoyle.
Increased the monster experience.

Defiled Crypt
Added an NPC shout in the Sanctuary when the crypt opens.

Media Boards
Fixed the embedding of VEVO videos.
Fixed volume control for Flash livestreams
Added new options to control the volume and to disable the boards entirely.

Fixed the crafting of Flawless White Diamonds
Lowered the craft material requirements for Amulet of Salvation
Fixed the achievement for reaching level 275
Fixed a bug in the party finder with >255 levels.