Update 2.9.0 – Halloween


Update 2.9.0 – Halloween

Added a Halloween Quest‘Root of all Evil’

  • Visit NPC Farmer Jack in Mount Sherock to get the quest. Mount Sherock is one of the new low level maps added in the previous update. You can get there from Junon Polis or Breezy Hills.
  • Collect rotten pumpkins from invasion monsters
  • Thow your rotten pumpkin at a player and collect the Root of all Evil.
  • Follow the instructions in the item description
  • You will get quest items and materials when harvesting your plant. They grow faster than regular plants and you can steal them more easily.
  • Your can create Zombie or Werewolf equipment as reward.

Added Monster Invasions to Junon Polis.

  • Invasions happen every 1 to 2 hours. More invasions happen when many players are online.
  • The halloween quest depends on drops from the invasions.
  • During an invasion the NPCs in Junon Polis will close their shop. Defend them!
  • Player vend stores will be ignored by monsters after 3 minutes.

Added a new type of treasure with different rewards; Magical Pumpkin

Re-enabled the Halloween Quests of last year. Talk to NPC Samara in Junon Polis to get those quests. She’s located near Mayor Darren.

Adjusted Celestial War:

  • The duration is now only one hour
  • The winner of each planet is determined by how long you have captured the planet in the past hour. This way you must capture planets before the hot planet is announced and try to hold multiple planets.

* Fixed the freeze in Refining
* Adjusted Refining to 10-15 so degrading will have the same chance as to +9

* Katar AP has been nerfed a bit. Katars had too much Attack Power and combined with its high attack speed they were overpowered. The impact will be reviewed and it will probably be adjusted again.
* Dual Sword AP has been increased and adjusted. A careful balance of STR and DEX is required for the best Dual Sword build. Approx 30% more AP than katars, but slower.

* Mounts can be crafted from 3 old parts now. The weapon part is not yet replaced, as some might prefer to disassembly the part instead of converting it to backseats.

* Lisents have their bottle icons back.

* Disabled the clan loyalty popups.

* Changed background musics and added some new ones

* Blocked collector and harvested skill in Junon Polis.

* 3 new item mall equip sets
* 2 new item mall masks
* 2 new equip sets from quest
* 4 new costume sets from magical pumpkins
* 4 new masks from magical pumpkins
* 3 new masks from invasion monster drops
* 2 new shop skins : Graveyard (drop) and RIPstone (Item Mall)