Update 2.2.0 : Soulmate System (and Marriage)


Update 2.2.0 : Soulmate System (and Marriage)

► New Features

• (SMS) Soul Mate System – With this new system two players can now get married and learn skills specifically made for the system. To start the SMS quest you must be in a party with your soul mate, talk to NPC “Cupid” at junon polis. You and your soulmate must take the quest.
• Added Love Call (Active Skill) – Never miss your soulmate again! Call your soulmate to your location.
• Added Love Seeker (Active Skill) – Love will instantly bring you to your soulmate.
• Added Love Restore (Active Skill) – Make your soul mate invincible for 3 secs. and remove negative buffs.
• Added Love Aura (Active Skill) – Make your soul mate invincible for 10 secs.
• Added Love Protect (Passive Skill) – No exp penalty on death in a party with your soul mate.
• Added Love Power (Passive Skill) – 10% Attack Power boost in a party with your soul mate.
• Added Love Life (Passive Skill) – Increase HP by 10% and MP by 5% in a party with your soul mate.
• Added Love Song (Passive Skill) – Increase base stats by 5% in a party with your soul mate.
• Added 8 Soul Mate Skills – Soulmate skills require Soulmate SP. You can get Soulmate SP by leveling your Soulmate. Only 7 soulmate skills can be learned, so choose wisely.
• Added Soul Mate Window (Alt + L) – Displays the info, stat and equipement of your soul mate.
• Added Path to NPCs and Players – For marriage ceremony.
• Added Equipment Forcing – Certain quest will automatically put a defined costume to your character.
• Added Instant Teleportation – Skill type for teleporting or calling your soulmate. If you are visible to eachother there is no map loading screen.
• Added Item Mall Search Function – You can now search for the specific items that you want.
• Added [Premium] Prefix – Item Mall armors, weapon, shield, back item, mask, jewellery now has item prefix. Eg: [Premium] Hollow Mask.
• Added Item Mall Icons – All items on our item mall has an updated icons now, with specific IM overlay.
• Added New Premium Items – We have added almost 25 new premium items.
• Added New Regular Items – We have added almost 25 new regular items.
• Added Right-Click Function – This displays the players current Soulmate, Duel enemy and Revenge enemy.
• Added Skill Cooldown Info – Info in the skill details for skills with a cooldown above 1 minute.
• Added Account Status Message Box – On account login message box shows your remaining Ban duration or Permanently banned.
• Added Junon Billboard – Clan Darkside billboard for winning the last 14 vs. 14 event. (Duration 15 days)
• Added New Logging Mechanism – This mechanism will fix the player disconnect issues.
• Added New Functions – Preparation for the next patch. (TinTin: “It will be awesome!”)

► Adjustments

• Adjusted Duel Skill – Summons now work.
• Adjusted Consumable Icicles – Planet condition is removed.
• Adjusted Achievements – Kills by your summon also work for Kill achievement types.
• Adjusted Party System – Players do not leave the party when getting disconnected, you can remain logged out for 15 minutes instead of 7 without getting kicked from the party. Manually quitting the game or logging out to character select will make you leave the party.
• Adjusted Revenge System – It cannot be used while being stunned or while you are in a duel.
• Adjusted Clan Recall Skill – Players vending or in a Duel match will not be teleported.
• Adjusted Crafting Table – Altered gem crafting materials (Success rate not altered), Added new items to be crafted, Removed old items.
• Adjusted Stockpile – Global stockpile is adjusted to address the loot/drop issues. item reward has been recalculated. (this not affect the global drop rate.)
• Adjusted Titan Cerberus HP – HP is now same at the other 3 titans with 2.5M HP.
• Adjusted Celestial War Crystals – Crystals HP is now 1.25M.
• Adjusted Skill Cooldown – Cooldown on skills will stay when you logged out. This mainly affects Clan Recall, Clan Assist and Soulmate Skills.
• Adjusted Foul Words Filter – Added foul words to be filtered out.
• Adjusted Gem Drop – Gem 3 now drop on certain boss monsters, Gem 1 now drops on commom monsters.
• Adjusted Revenge Skill – 120 seconds cooldown period.
• Adjusted Warfare Skill – Lowered success rate to 60 – 80% and increased cooldown of skill.
• Adjusted Traps – Hunter traps cant receive buffs anymore.
• Adjusted Account Security – When “Bank” option is allowed you can now transfer Premium items via storage with out having to allow the “IM” (Item Mall) option.
• Adjusted Celestial War – The regular CW schedule every Saturday (PH Time), has been move to Sunday (PH Time) because of numerous request from our players.
• Adjusted Celestial War Crystals – Each crystals has a higher HP now, it should stir up the strategy of all clans.

► Fixes

• Fixed Duel Skill – A known bug where a Duel would not end correctly.
• Fixed Friends List – Fixed a bug in friends list that could crash the server.
• Fixed Party System – Fixed an exploit where a player could destroy any party.
• Fixed Mask Items – Where Masks could not get an item name prefix (such as Demon).
• Fixed Quickbar Icons – Where Quickbar icons would draw underneath the Quickbar background while it has a cooldown.
• Fixed Buff Skills – Where buff skills would not accurately update stats in the client.
• Fixed several previously unknown vulnerabilities in all server parts.
• Fixed Item Unequipped – A bug where equipment could be unequipped when riding a vehicle due to stats not being calculated correctly.
• Fixed Spawn Window – A bug where the Respawn window would not show.
• Fixed AOE Skills – A bug where AOE Skills would display damage on an enemy protected by Spawn Protect.
• Fixed AOE Attack Skills – A bug where AOE Attack Skills would not end the Spawn Protect of the Attacker.