Patch 06/2022


Patch 06/2022

Fortress Siege

Fortress Siege gryphon will return to spawn if its dragged for more than 20 Meters.
Reduced Siege Gryphon attack power.
Raised Sisge Gryphon Hit Rate.
Lowred the Gryphon’s Defence and Magic Defense.

Tower of Petrification

– The tower box season has ended , we have added the tower box to help players to get ups materials , its been there for almost a year. we have noticed lately that it wasn’t used as intended many players used the tower to get easy materials, as some players had many accounts and only logged in to do tower and that wasn’t the goal of it we took decision to remove entirely the tower box.

– We have raised the Premium points that you can get from the tower.
– We will be updating the premium shop with more material in the next updates.
– Mysterious jewel will drop on all the five tower bosses, this item is exclusive to the tower and needed to craft the Eternal Weapons set in Heliopolis.

Ranked Arena :

– Weekly rewards from arena have been adjusted, you will receive the 3 days set based on your Weekly Elo.

Bug fixes

– Fixed tournament game arenas bugs.
– Fixed automated events bugs.
– Fixed cataclysm weight was too high , reduced from 333 to 200.
– Fixed Ancient dual guns item name
– Fixed Errors that was still apearing on the Eldeon’s Worldboss.

Item Mall

– Added Merchant Green Set
– Added Regiment Black Set
– Added Regiment Blonde Set
– Added Regiment Red Set
– Added Rainy Flower Peach Set
– Added Rainy Flower Blue Set
– Added Rainy Flower Purple Set
– Added Saber Golden Hair Set
– Added Saber Blue Hair Set
– Added Saber Silver Hair Set