Premium Points


Premium Points

Premium Points are a new reward for players who promote the server. You can earn them in two ways:

1. Log in ingame
2. Go to the Vote Page and Log in. Click the Vote Now button and confirm it on the next page. You can vote once per IP and per Account every 12 hours.
3. Your 15 points will be immediately added to the character you are currently using in-game.

Inviting friends
1. Log in on the website, go to Account Management and click Invite
2. Copy your unique link and share it to your friends
3. Anytime a new player signs up through your link it will be marked as your invite.
4. The new player must reach level 255 to unlock your 500 points
5. Points will be approved manually within one week and additional checks will make sure that there is no abuse by boosting dummy accounts. Only real new players will qualify for invite points.

Premium Points can be used in the Premium Shop in Junon Polis. The Premium Shop is located next to Mildun. You purchase daily rewards, premium costumes, fashion weapons and mounts.