New Chat Rules


New Chat Rules

Please take a moment to read the new chat rules.

Trashtalking with offensive words is allowed in PK areas.
Trashtalking is not allowed in non-PK areas. [minor offense]

There are a number of exceptions, for PK and NON-PK areas. These are all punished as a major offense.
1. Discrimination or hate against a person’s nationality.
2. Insulting someone’s family or partner.
3. Mocking with diseases or death.
4. Making real-life threats.
5. Stalking and harassment.
6. Encouraging players to quit the game.
7. Promotion of other games.
8. Impersonating a GM.
9. Insulting a GM.

Minor offenses will be punished with a mute of 1 to 3 days.
Major offenses will be punished with a mute of 5 to 7 days.
After several major offenses your punishment will become longer, and eventually you can get muted permanently.

Reports will be judged by a Gamemaster. The punishment will depend on how severe you broke the rules. If there was no bad intent or it was a very light offense, a punishment is not necessary.

Tickets must be created within 24 hours. Abuse of the ticket system by submitting alse or late reports can be punished.
If you have been muted you may create a ticket in the Verbal Abuse department to explain your situation and ask a review.
If you are unhappy with the service you received in the ticket, you can create another ticket in the department GM Complaint. Those can only be viewed and handled by Administrators (iRosePHOnline and tintin).

If you feel offended by another player’s chat you can use the /ignore command ingame.
Administrators may mute a player for reasons not specified in these rules if his or her behaviour is too extreme.