Ways to Earn Zullie In-Game

Ways to Earn Zullie In-Game

Stuck in a financial quandary? Can’t buy pots? Forever jealous of other players wearing the latest fashion set? No moolas to buy donation points? Don’t even have fare to teleport from Junon to Karkia? Worry no more, this guide aims to make you self-sustaining as you progress through the game.

One of the most remarkable things about iROSEPH is that it offers a lot of avenues for players to earn zullie. There’s no such thing as “I can’t complete my set because I’m too poor to donate” or “I hate this game. It’s supposedly f2p but the way I see it, only the donators have the chance in becoming strong.”  Please, stop with the victim’s mindset and read on.

Becoming financially stable in-game (even reaching Billionaire extraordinaire status) is not easy but by the guidance and blessings of Goddess Arua, it’s achievable. So how can you do it?


First things first, stop with the victim’s mindset. If you’re fond of the saying “Life is unfair”, now is the time to change it to “Life is more fun in iROSEPH.”  Kidding aside, you have to stop pitying yourself or stop whining at the iROSEPH staff or donators for being able to afford stuff that you can’t.  You must accept the fact that there’s always a trade off in everything that you do. Donators trade their real cash so they have an easier time playing the game. Most of them don’t have time to farm anymore and they just want to use their limited gaming time to chill out with their friends/enemies through PVP.  Meanwhile, non-donators will have to trade their time and patience to farm for zullie in-game. Point is, every player has something to lose (donators=real money and non donators= time) so there’s no such thing as you’ve been singled out to be the most miserable and poorest player in iROSEPH. ‘No pain, no gain’ as they say.


Love or hate these two jobs all you want but I’ll bet my two shamans and a few hundred millions that every billionaire who have made their billions from farming in-game have one or more of these fellas.  Ever heard of the Refines Magnate? The Hearts Tycoon? The Pots Mogul?

This tandem is actually the cheapest route to your first hundreds of millions. A farming bourg means affordable capital but high return of investment (ROI).  But why does it have to be a bourg, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that they look cool, their skills are, too. Their stockpile, buying and selling tricks skills are what make them the best start-up farming machine.

On the other hand, the cleric is for buff support. You may opt to not have a cleric and just rely on your friends or other players for buffs but take my word for it, life is way way easier with a personal cleric.

At level 130ish, you can already start claiming your ROI. Bourgs can be used (but not limited to) for farming in Luna, Eldeon Clan Field, Forest of Wandering,  Marsh of Ghosts,  Sikuku Ruins, Oro RA Paradise, and Boss Cages.

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Hack and slash farming is the most classic way of earning zullie.   Basically, you just have to kill mobs and sell the drops to the NPC.  Every job can do this, of course, but as mentioned in number 3, better maintain a farming bourg or a shaman (I will discuss this job in the latter portion of the guide). Once you have a bourg or a shaman, you also need to know the best places to farm for optimum results. The good thing is, you don’t have to worry about those farming spots as it’s all in here: Hack and Slash Farming Spots. (Ex. Marsh of Ghosts, Eldeon Clan Field, Eldeon Sikuku Prison.


See those trees, plants and rocks scattered across every leveling map? Well, they’re not there just to make a beautiful scenery.  Goddess Arua let them spawn everywhere so they can be harvested or mined as the leaves, barks, stems, seeds, trunk, root, rocks are used as mats to craft refinement and enchantment stones for gear upgrading from +10 to + 15.

Additionally, one can also plant seeds which will bloom into flowers after an hour. Flowers are used as material for crafting dyes, etc.

Farming and planting are really lucrative ways of earning zullie. IMO, the net profit from farming is bigger compared to farming refines or hearts not to mention that any job type can do it. You don’t need a bourg and a cleric. However, harvesting and planting requires a permit and a harvesting tool  which means $$$.

For a more in-depth guide about farming and planting, visit these links:


One of the interesting features in iROSEPH is the different faction/union that your character may join. After becoming a member, you can already participate in completing missions given by your faction leaders (these are NPCs). Completed missions will be rewarded with corresponding faction points and these can be used as currency to buy or exchange novelty items (i.e. costumes, mounts, etc.) from the faction store.

By the way, faction points are non-tradeable so how can you earn from it? Well, there are a lot of cool items (esp. costumes) in the faction store but they’re not easily affordable since only a few have the patience in completing faction quests religiously.  This is where you come in. Join a faction, do the quests consistently, and save up your faction points. Be on the lookout  for any shouts in Junon: “B>500 Righteous Crusader Points for XXX number of DPs.”  So what are you gonna do? As long as you have enough faction points and the offer is good enough, ask the buyer what faction item they’re interested in and you buy it. Once bought, you can now trade the item in exchange of donation points/zullie.

To know more about Factions/Unions, read the following links:


      6.1 Buy and Sell

Another classic way to earn money. Buy low, sell high. You don’t need to work your ass off using this method. You only need to have a capital and business shrewdness to know the trends of in-demand items and price fluctuations in the market.  See a Citrine 7 gem being sold for 120M or a Storybook Costume Set for 300 DP? Buy  and sell it for a much higher price. You can also look for items being sold in rush as their selling prices are usually comparatively lower (sometimes, 50% off) than the usual market price.

     6.2 Retailing

There are consumable items in the Item Mall that are in-demand in the market so if you have extra donation points, you may use them as capital for your retail business. So how to go about this?  Be in the know of what Item Mall stuff is currently needed by the players, buy it and sell it.

For example, at the time that this guide is being written, Gathering Speed and Double Drop Boosters (these two are used when harvesting trees, plants, flowers, rocks) are certified best sellers in the market.  For 30 donation points, you can already buy 10 pcs of Gathering Speed booster. You may then sell the booster for 15M (always be updated of the current exchange rate between Zullie and Donation points) apiece.  Supposedly, you were able to sell 30 pieces of booster for 15M each, your total income would be 450M. And suppose that the current exchange rate between DP and Zullie is 100 points=430M, then your net profit would be 20M + the Leftover 10 Donation points


Who doesn’t love events? iROSEPH hosts a lot of events in-game and it’s up to you whether to participate or not. Events like Crystal and Akram Defenders, Tournaments are daily PVP games which usually rewards Zullie and costume parts.  Personally though, I’m more partial to holiday events (Valentines,  Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Anniversary) because they’re really rare and besides, I’m not really fond of PVP. Anyhow, holiday events mean quests which upon completion, reward you with costumes, etc.  And depending on you, you may or may not sell these costumes.

You can also visit the following links:

Tip: If you’re going to sell, sell costumes once the event is over.


Highly recommended to artisans. If there’s a Fifth Avenue, there’s also a Junon Avenue in iROSEPH.  Artisans are our Gucci’s/ Louis Vuitton’s/Tiffany & Co’s/Chanel’s in-game. Despite being average in terms of farming and leveling, Artisans are really great at crafting (not being sarcastic here but it’s actually the only job that that has crafting skills) so if you’re an Artisan, take advantage of it.  Study the craftable items —be it gems, costumes, carts, accessories, etc—that are currently in-demand and craft them. You can either farm for the needed mats or buy them from players for a low price.

Tip: Gems are usually best sellers in the market followed by +10-15 refining mats. Just keep your eyes open.


So I’ve talked about shamans briefly earlier. Wonder why I placed this strategy last? Well, it’s because I don’t really recommend shamans for non-donator newcomers. First and foremost, you need to invest 400 DP (~1.8B zullie based on the exchange rate at the time this guide was written) to buy a  Shaman Job Scroll change which will enable you to turn your mage/cleric into a shaman. My suggestion is to save enough zullie so you’d be able to buy a Shaman Job Scoll change in the future.

Anyway, aside from being the best at leveling and boosting, Shamans are very powerful farmers. What they lack in skill (stockpile, buying and selling tricks of bourgs), they make up for their various AOE skills which are really ideal if you’re farming in areas where mobs are tightly packed together. Examples of areas where it’s ideal to bring a shaman are: Eldeon Sikuku Prison, Toy Factory in Mt Eruka (only open during Christmas Holidays), Aqua Town, Sikuku Ruins (spiders, Sikuku Chief).


Ever heard of the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” Well, it’s also applicable in-game. You need to diversify your methods of earning zullie. Do not just rely on events or farming or planting to earn money. Mix ‘em up according to your game style.  Personally, I alternate between hack/slash and farming.

So, guys, the list above should not in any way confine you to the ways to making money in-game. For sure, there are still a lot of unheard methods out there and the above is only a list of things that you can explore. Moreover, the said list is only a tool to help you become financially sound. Ultimately, everything depends on your attitude, consistency, perseverance and market knowledge to reach millionaire/billionaire status in-game.