Historically the Unions were in violent conflicts; Hawkers of the Junon Order and Muses of the Arumics regularly fought against the Soldiers of the Righteous Crusaders and Dealers of the Ferrel Guild.
Today the unions are at peace and only fight to practice their offensive and defensive strategies.

How do I join?
You must be level 30 to join a Union. Talk to a Union Leader in City of Junon Polis to join.

  • The Righteous Crusaders are in charge of defending the city. They operate the Training Grounds.
  • Talk to [Righteous Crusader] Gawain to join the Crusaders.

  • The Arumics specialize in researching new potions and new forms of magic.
  • Talk to [Arumic Researcher] Carasia to join the Arumics.

  • The Ferrell Guild has merchants on every planet. Their goal is dominate the markets.
  • Talk to [Righteous Crusader] Huffe to join the Ferrell Guid.

  • The Junon Order is the religious authority of Junon. They build Sanctuaries throughout the world.
  • Talk to [Elder of Junon Order] Gorthein to join the Junon Order.

    Union Points
    All Unions allow you to complete repeatable quests, earning Experience, Zulie, Items and Union Points. Union representatives will also ask members to perform special tasks throughout the day and reward the members based on their speed and overall performance.

    You can also join the daily Akram Arena and Crystal Defenders wars. These will reward union points based on your performance.

    Union Points can be spent in the Union Shop on rewards such as equipments and carts. You can open the shop at your Union leader NPC.