Solo Deathmatch (1v1): Tuesday at 17:00
 Solo Deathmatch (1v1): Thursday at 17:00
 Team Deathmatch (2v2): Wednesday at 17:00
 Team Deathmatch (2v2): Friday at 17:00
 Event Deathmatch: Varying group sizes. Started by Event Managers.

 Level 230-275

 Zulie and Weapon Kill Tracker

The goal of Deathmatch is to kill as many other players as you can to reach the score target.
Team Deathmatch also exists, this mode offers players a chance to play with their friends.

10 Points are awarded per kill.
Deathmatch is held on the Deathmatch map.
It can also be started by an Event Manager or Game Master, so ask them about it!