Billionaire Raffle


 Every friday at 7 PM

 Buy tickets at [Event Info] Felice Fete


  1. 150 item mall points and 50% of the prize pool.
  2. 100 item mall points and 20% of the prize pool.
  3. 50 item mall points and 10% of the prize pool.

Billioniare Raffle is a lottery that’s being held every week. It’s a great way to pick up some extra cash!
Feeling lucky? You can join by buying tickets from [Event Info] Felice Fete in Magic City of the Eucar.

One lottery ticket cost 1,000,000 zulie. You will not get a ticket item but your entry is recorded.
Every friday the lottery results will be announced in-game. You can also check them in the Game Arena Results. The prize will be automatically inserted in your account, you don’t even have to be online to win it! If you’re not online the prize will be rewarded to you on your next login.