Draconis Peaks


 By Event Managers

 Level 230 and higher

 Random Dragon Mount + Zulie

Draconis Peaks is a dragon training ground, located deep within the heart of the Lunar mountains where only the fearless dare to refine their skills as legendary warriors.
The area is inhabited by powerful dragons who relentlessly attempt to claim dominion over the territory through the expansion of their brood. To aid in this expansion, teams of brave Visitors assist the dragons in stealing eggs from other broods.

Once all eggs in the area have been captured by a single team, the game will be over and a winner will be declared.

Capture the opposing team’s Dragon Eggs and slay their dragon to earn points.
Capture all of the Dragon Eggs to win the game, regardless of time remaining.
The team with the most points when the timer runs out will be declared the winner.