Clan Tournament

 Every saturday at 8 PM

 Requires a group with 10 to 15 member(s)

 Level 200-255

Prove your teamwork to defeat all other clans.

Prizes per player:
50,000,000 zulie
Beetleman Purple set for 7 days.

Clan Tournament is a clan based tournament where the 15 best players of each clan will pvp the other clans.
In order to win you and your clan should put up a stragedy to claim the prize, you can only win it by working together.

Is your clan the best? Proof it on the battle ground!

When the tournament starts your team will be automatically teleported to the Duel Arena where you will face your opponents.
You will have 120 seconds to defeat your opponent.

The winning team will continue to the next round.

The tournament is based on a double-elemination system. This means if your team lose once you’ll get another chance. If you lose your second chance you are out of the tournament and will be teleported back to City of Junon Polis.
This rule also applies in the final rounds. If you are in the final but your enemy team has not lost any rounds yet, you must defeat him twice to win the tournament.