Cave of Ulverick


 On Demand

 3 to 5 Player(s) Per Team
 Duration 15 Minutes

 250 - 275

Are you brave enough to enter the Cave of Ulverick and defeat the deadliest spider known to exsist in planet Junon? Gather up your allies, take down Ulverick and his minions, and avenge the deaths of the citizens of Nejeuve Village from the evil that was unleashed by the Devil Pest.

In every completed dungeon run you will receive one or more equipment items. These items have a higher stat potential than normal equipments.
Items with bad stats can be disassembled into Valor points. These points can be spend in the Dungeon Store at [Dungeon Store] Dolores in City of Junon Polis.
You can buy Unknown Item, Unknown Item, or crates that contain equipment items from the Cave of Ulverick.

This way you can reuse your unspend items.

An Ulverick Crate Key can be obtained in the Cave of Ulverick and is used to open your dungeon crates.