Update 07/2021


Update 07/2021

Summer event:

– Its Summer in iRosePH ! talk to npc Kanna in middle of Junon to teleport to our brand new exlusive map do the summer quest and get exlusive items .
Make sure to hunt super mini bruce to spawn the bruce king !
– Summer event quest is available at npc [Event Info] Cherine.
– Added the Summer Beach Wear Box into the Union Shop.
– Added the Beach Fashion Box into the Honor Shop.
– Added the Summer Hats, Clothing, Footwear Box to the Premium Shop.

Event Map:
The coliseum event map have been added and will be used by event team to do last man standing , Last party Standing , or Last clan standing events !
Once you join the map you will get buffs automatically with 1400 Int Buffs Similar to cartel.
Once you die in the coliseum you will respawn outside of the map.
On player kill , the names will be announced.

Battlepass :

For the first time in Rose Online , the first season of the battlepass starts today 30/07/2021 and will remain two months ( 60 days )
Complete daily /weekly / seasonal tasks and get battlepass exp . on every level you will get rewards !

Daily (resets every day at 6 AM servertime (UTC+8)
– Basic tasks give 1.500exp
– Rare tasks give 2.000exp
Weekly (resets every Tuesday at 6 AM servertime (UTC+8)
– Unqiue tasks give 4.500exp
– Epic tasks give 5.000exp
Season (resets every season)
– Legendary tasks give 10.000exp

– 10.000 Exp is required to unlock a level .
– To unlock the Premium Battlpass you need to buy it with premium points from NPC [Premium Store] Barnes for 1500 Premium Points, the item is tradable.
– The gold Battlepass is available on item mall for 1000 Donations points , the item is tradable and you will get 1000 Credits rewards upon completing the battlepass season.
– Added Exp items to the item mall 10.000 to unlock a level faster.
– Every season the items will change and we will add more exlusive items there .
– Exlusive battlepass items this season are

Royal Deities Set.
Archangel Rainbow Wings.


Weekly Arena Sets !

Big Ranked arena update here
– You can get your free [GA]Arena Set from the Npc Marcus Graham ,the sets are Reset everyweek, and can be Claimed every tuesday At 6AM .
– The rewards are , Ranked Arena Set Based on your elo
– Item mall Credits.
– Ups box .
– At the end of arena season the Sets will be rewarded to the top 3 Winners as permanent costumes.
– 5 Colors are there and you will get your set based on your elo starting from 1500 !


New Gameplay !

The Oro cf have been improved and daily event will start there daily at 01:00pm and 11:00pm server time. The map have been updated and there are 4 seals at the center of the map.
Once its time 4 daily quests, players can do it only one time pre day will be available in the center do them and you will unlock the mysterious portal that will lead you to the Ra The Elite Egyptian deity of the sun spot.
the boss has two phases and we made it challenging to kill .
– The middle portal will remain open only 5 Minutes once it closes none can go there anymore .
– The soulmate teleport and clan recall are disabled now in the oro cf
– the legendary boss will drop a new set of uniques exlusive back shield and Accessories .
– All the items are upgradable at [Mysterious Frog] Npcs.
– The uniques will have solar effects after being upgraded .

Deity of the sun drops

  • Uniques :

Sword of Helios
Hammer of Amun
Bowgun of Sopdu
Two Handed Sword of Hathor
Axe of Sekhmet
Spear of Horus
Bow of Ra
Gun of Khepri
Cannon of Apollo
Staff of Hemera
Wand of Electryone
Katar of Ptah
Dual Swords of Atum
Sphere of Eos

  • Accessories :

Divine Sungod Ring
Shiney Sungod Necklace
Sparkling Sungod Earring

  • Backshield :

Aureola of the Sun God Ra Animated Effected Backshield samee as sungod’s one.

– All items needed to upgrade will drop on the two bosses !
– The bosses have new drop system where it will give up to 4 drops instead of one and its based on most damaged .


Gameplay :

– The First part on level unlock NPC have been changed , you will no longer need to accomplish the Cave of ulveric and kill ulveric to unlock level 255+
you just need to kill few worm dragons.
– Increased stats to Hebran Deadly Accessories set.
– Added Upgrade Npc’s to all planets
[Mysterious Frog] Henry Junon.
[Mysterious Frog] Rexi Luna.
[Mysterious Frog] Axert Eldeon.
[Mysterious Frog] Geemel Oro.
[Mysterious Frog] Wagi Karkia.

– Changed effects of health and mp pots and consumables.
– Removed buffer npc from Junon’s Cartel.
– Changed npc Marcus Graham look ,this one fits better !

Game Arena
– Reduced time duration of game arena sets, this way every one has a fair chance of winning with their own items.
– Team Tournament (3v3) is now called Group Tournament (3v3).
– Team Deathmatch (2v2) is now called Group Deathmatch (2v2).
– Removed Deathmatch Group (2v2) on Sunday at 00:00, this start time was a bug.
– Solo Tournament weekly reward has been changed to the Beetleman White Gold Set.
– Classic Tournament weekly reward has been changed to the Beetleman Black Set.
– Fortress Siege duration has changed to maximum of 40minutes.
– Adjusted/fixed some descriptions for game arena events.
– Removed stamina consumption for Empire Battleground, Domination and from Draconis Peaks.
– Celestial War reward, each planet has now it’s own set and those sets will be unlocked only when that specific planet becomes the hot planet.
– Added new Schedule for Akram Arena at 02:00AM
– Added new Schedule for The Shadowed Jungle 04:00AM
– Added new Schedule for Domination 06:00AM .


Union War crate has been updated with the following items.
– Eternal Aura Stone, rewards a rare chance of getting a Eternal Aura Stone.
– Crafting materials.
– Added the Summer Union Costume Box into the Union Reward Crate.

Battleground crate has been updated with the following items.
– Glowstone, rewards a rare chance of getting a glowstone.
– Crafting materials
– Added the Summer Honor Costume Box into the Honor Reward Crate.

Craftable Gems (artisan)
Imitation gems ‘Fashionable Gems’ show the gem effects and overlap in costume, it does not have any kind of special stats
– Garnet Imitation
– Ruby Imitation
– Sapphire Imitation
– Topaz Imitation
– Emerald Imitation
– Peridot Imitation
– Diamond Imitation
– Pink Opal Imitation
– Amehyst Imitation
– Pearl Imitation

Honor Weapon Costume Box II, the items in these boxes can be obtained randomly.
– Candy Apple Stick
– Fairy Princess Stick
– Dual Fairy Princess Stick
– Cute Insect Wand
– Ceremonial Hammer
– Vegetable Spear
– Horse Whip
– Bear Doll
– Golden Bamboo Crossbow
– Heart Wand
– Candy Jar Gun
– Witch Broom
– Sakura Mochi
– Candy Spear
– Eggplant Mace
– White Launcher
– Bamboo Sword
– Giant Stone Twohandsword
– Dual Japan Fan
– Wooden Fork Staff


Added new effects when consuming hp and mp potions.
– Instance Health and Mana potions will now show the same effect as before only now taking health shows a red effect and taking mp shows a blue effect.
– Health and Mana regen potions show also the blue and red effect but will now also show the regen effect.
– Removed the word “go” from the macro list, it not longer lets you use an emote (for pvp reasons).
– When creating a character you will now be given the Red Fairy Wings.
– Fixed Tower Reward box, it no longer has twice Neodymium in it and it was exchanged for Xenon.
– Fixed Honor’s Shoes Box, it no longer has twice Shark Boots in it and it was exchanged for [E] White Formal Shoes.
– Fixed achievement Wing of an Astarot, Sea of Dawn Astarot wings unlocks it too.
– Fixed achievement Back of a Nymph, it should now be unlocked by all Nymph wings.
– Fixed achievement Saddle Up! Panxer and Pantharis unlocks it too.
– Fixed achievement In the name of Rose, White Rose weapons unlocks it too.
– Adjusted achievement Express Yourself because it auto unlocked when creating a character, it’s now called Jump Fanatic and unlocks the title Skippy learning the skills jump and levitation. If you already have unlocked express yourself it won’t unlock this achievement but auto replaces the title.


Item Mall:

A Huge item mall update have been released along with this patch :

Gameplay items :
– Gold Battlepass
– Battlepass Exp 10000
– Battlepass Exp 5000

– Added 21 New masks to the item mall.
– Added 21 New Sets to the item mall .
– Added 20 New Wings to the item mall .
– Added 16 new Exlusive Effects Back items to the item mall ! on Other->Animated.
– Added 10 New Animated Wings ! The Valkirie Set wings and 9 Tails animated Back Items.


Bug Fixes :
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t return the Tybarin Quest to Karkia NPC.
– Npc Wahkan in Eldeon now exchange your 50 spiders for the spider mount.
– Fixed tower box items some items were duplicated and missing.
– Fixed bug in reset stat coupon where description were reset stats and skills , instead of stats only.
– Fixed Moldie Mount it was giving the player a wrong position.
– The Fortress Siege Gates are fixed and players can no longer pass thru by holding arrow up.
– Some players were abusing tower doing it solo, and when i made the tower box it was ment to be 1 box per player and not 7 to reward player and make ups mats easyer
the tower is limited to one player per account, you wont be able to do it solo.
– Adjusted stats of Empire battleground Crystals as they were getting destroyed very fast.
– Adjusted some collision bugs on TSJ Map where you could go down.
– Added some invisible walls to Draconis peaks map to prevent players from going to the top.
– Fixed bug where you couldn’t use clan recall inside karkia Castle and Crystal Room.
– Fixed bug where you could teleport to Santa Planetoid.
– Fixed bug where you could go under stairs in Sikuku Catacombs.
– Description on item will show if its upgradable or not now.