Achievements are goals created for players to achieve, some with rewards but in general achieving an achievement is a reward of it self.
In iRosePH we have lots of achievements that can be achieved suchs as Monster versus Player, Player versus Player, Clan, Quests and many more unique achievements.

When opening the achievement window (alt + w) or with the menu on the right.
The achievement window will be opened.

Each title and icon represent an achievement.
When an achievement isn’t unlocked yet the title will be shown in white and the icon will be shown with a dark glow.
When an achievement is unlocked the title will appear in gold and the icon will be shown normally.

Achievements can also show how many objects that are left before unlocking the achievements.

Some achievements will also show a progress bar on how many points they have before the achievement unlocks and some might unlock new achievements when being unlocked.


Achievements will also be shown in the general chat when being unlocked, all players surrounding you can see the achievements you’ve accomplished.

Each achievement will give achievement points, these points are used for the achievement rankings on the website in the community ranking.
The progress score will show how many achievement are already unlocked from the current achievable achievements.

In some cases the achievement will also unlock a title, titles will be shown when using the arrow down button.
Titles can be worn for every one to see, an achievement title will appear when selected beneath your characters name.

All unlocked titles will be shown, those who aren’t unlocked stay hidden.
If you wish to hide your titles from others you can also select the ~no title title and your title won’t be shown.

Achievements scores will be shown in the Player Community Rankings