Update 25/07


Update 25/07

Item Mall
– Anniversary Sale (-25%) is now active!

– Added Nobless Tyrant set
– Added Black Widow set
– Added Hip Hopper set
– Added Royal Fortune set
– Added Dragon Tamer set
– Added Royal Flare set
– Added Hot Blaze set
– Added Flaming Cesar set
– Added “Steampunk” weapon series
– Added “Steampunk Shield” shield
– Added “Steampunk Amulet” shield
– Added 5 new animated wings

– Added “Sea of Dawn Crate Key”
– Added “Expunger” (see Prestige changes)
– Lowered the price of Ulverick Crate Keys

Game Arena
– Added the Luna Dungeon : Sea of Dawn
* This dungeon requires 2 to 4 players
* Bosses can drop new equipment with a higher chance of INT and MDEF stats
* An additional quest is available at Olleck Basilasi to increase your chance of receiving a sea of dawn crate key.

Dungeon drops:
~~ 8 new equipment sets
~~ a new weapon set
~~ 7 new Small Astarot Wings + 1 Crystal Wing. Crystal wing can get up to 90 con or int!

– Event games are now On Demand
* Domination, Draconis Peaks and Empire Battleground are always open for registration
* When the minimum amount of players is reached, other players will get a notification and have 3 more minutes to join.
* All players will receive a pop-up to confirm that they are not AFK.
* Draconis Peaks no longer rewards dragons.
* Draconis Peaks now has a score display like Domination. The score display can now be dragged around.
* A new event mode has been added to allow Event Managers to do Clan vs Clan games in these three arenas.

– Crystal Defenders and Akram Arena
* Crystals now have some HP regeneration to make the games less dependent on (in)active Clerics.
* Crystals are now less affected by Def Down debuffs.

– Tournaments (All)
* Resurrection skill can now be used. It must be used within the 5 seconds before the dead player is teleported.
* Stealth skills have a shorter duration in Tournament maps.

– Tournaments (Snowflake Arena)
* Rebuilt most of the system to make it less susceptible to bugs.
* Added Betting on Arena matches by using the Target Menu (Ctrl+RClick on a player).
Bets are first come, first serve. Your bet will only be accepted if another player bets on the opposing team. Payouts are 1:1.
Bets must be a multiple of 1 million, with a minimum bet of 50 million.
* Added Round Robin and Swiss tournament formats

– Deathmatch
* Deathmatches are now time based with a duration of 20 minutes.
* The Deathmatch map has been reduced in size.

– Removed Game Arena Energy. Arena Games will now use Stamina instead.
* Both had the same purpose so it felt unnecessary to have them both.
* Vital Jams have been removed from shops, but all Stamina-using consumables such as Charms now consume a lot less Stamina.

Junon Cartel
– Added a new map “Junon Cartel” where all players receive 1400 int buffs. You will lose these buffs when you leave the map.
– The map is a 1v1 zone where Clan and Party does not matter.
– You can enter the map from Junon Polis at the RC union, or from the Training Grounds. Scrolls are also available.
– Every player has an ELO based on their kills and deaths in the Junon Cartel. You can see the score in your Character info.
– You can see a full ranking inside the Junon Cartel with Alt+J.
– The elo will reset every 2 weeks. Currently the ranking is only for fame.

Training Grounds
– A new boss “Panxer” will spawn every day at 20:00.
– This boss can drop a gem, expunger, union booster or a new Panxer mount. The Panxer mount is the fastest mount with 1750 mspeed.
– Try to control the TG at this time to claim the boss!

Weapon and Shield costumes
~~ Added 8 Fashion weapons in the Premium store (Rocker series)
~~ Added 15 extra Fashion weapons in the Treasure.

* You can only a weapon costume of the same type as your equipped weapon.
* You can’t use a shield costume while using a two handed weapon

– All skill summons can now be used in duel.

– Various skills have been adjusted to improve balance
* Champ: Increased cooldown on Beam Blade
* Champ: Decreased cooldown on Banisher
* Fencer: Increased success rate on Sabre Victoria
* Cleric: Increased Blessing Armor buff and duration
* Shaman: Increased success rate on Meteo Sphere.
* Scout: Increased success rate on Sphere of Hysteria
* Scout: Increased success rate on Static Shot
* Hunter: Traps work in Duels
* Dealer: Increased success rate on Smash Gun
* Artisan: Increased the bullet quality of Zuly bullets.
* Gunslinger: Increased success rate on Ricoshet Shot
– Give these changes a try first and post your feedback afterwards!

– Prestige stats are no longer applied within the Refining process.
– After refining your item you must apply your prestige rune by dragging it onto your equipment. Your equipment will indicate that a prestige upgrade is available.
– You can do this 1 time for a +10 item, 2 times for a +11 item, up to 6 times for a +15 item.
– This process has a 100% success rate when the item does not have a prestige on it, and 80% for every subsequent upgrade.
– If the prestige applying fails, the item’s prestige stat will be erased and you must start over. Your item grade will remain, but the stat will be cleared.
– You must use the same type of prestige rune on every upgrade. To change the type of rune you must erase the current one first.
– You can now purchase an Expunger to erase the prestige from your item in the Item Mall. Expunger can also drop from the Panxer boss in TG.
– If you refine your item again and it degrades, the stat will be degraded too.

– Forb will no longer be non-PK on wednesday and saturday. Instead, all Karkia maps will rotate in and out of PK mode regularly.
* Maps will progress through tension, danger, war and peace.
* Tension : PK, after peace, progresses to Danger by killing monsters and players.
* Danger : PK, getting closer to War, +25% Extra Drop Chance, progresses to War by killing monsters and players.
* War : PK, +50% Extra Drop Chance, ends after 1 hour.
* Peace : Non-PK for 4 hours.
* You can see the current status of a map in the system chat when you enter it.

– Mysterious Catacombs will open at specific times instead of randomly. The times are 10:30, 14:30, 18:30, 22:30, 02:30.

– Added a new Target Bar that will display the HP of your enemy
* The bar works on monsters and players. The old monster hp bar has been removed.
* The bar also displays the buffs of your enemy, and displays the skill when a player is casting.
* A new option has been added to hide the target bar

– Character window : Updated the layout and added prestiges on it.
– Option window : Updated the layout and added a lot of new options. You can now also configure your own keybinds.
– Communitiy window: Removed the unused Chat tab and replaced it with Block. This is an easier way to manage your ignore list instead of the commands.
– Added Quick Actions : By using Shift+RightClick on an item you can quickly deposit it to your storage or sell it to an NPC instead of dragging.
– Item Tooltips : By holding the CTRL button you can see the possible stat ranges for a dungeon item.
– Item Tooltips : Changed the formatting of level and stat requirements.
– The Player Info (Name,HP,MP,EXP) can be moved around by holding shift + drag.
– The Minimap icons will only display when your mouse is active on it. You can collapse the minimap by double-clicking the map name.
– Zulie input fields will now display with a comma as thousands separator.

– Added new super boss monsters. We will have a Superboss event every month.
– Changed the system so all players will be rewarded frequently, irrespectively of your attack speed or damage.
– Added new drops.

Premium Store
– Added Rocker costume set
– Added Animated Satan Wing (black white)
– Added 9 Rocker costume weapons
– Added Red Trash Can body and shield

Treasure items
– Added Rabbit Pyjamas (Pink) costume set
– Added Rabbit Pyjamas (Green) costume set
– Added Rabbit Pyjamas (BlackPink) costume set
– Added 18 other costume weapons

– Added “Damaged Body” costume set in Junon Order
– Added “Matsatuke” cart in Junon Order
– Added “Junon Order Pennant” shield in Junon Order

– Added “Japanese Dress” costume set in Ferrel Guild
– Added “Watermelon Tube” cart in Ferrel Guild
– Added “Ferrel Guild Pennant” shield in Ferrel Guild

– Added “Heavenly Soldier” costume set in Righteous Crusaders
– Added “Dolphin” cart in Righteous Crusaders
– Added “Righteous Crusaders Pennant” shield in Righteous Crusaders

– Added “Open Dress (Black)” costume set in Arumics
– Added “Yellow Moon” cart in Arumics
– Added “Arumic Pennant” shield in Arumics

– Added Katayoku Wings left/right in every union (different colors and stats)

– Added 3 new shields for level 255.
– Added beetle man blue wing

New Achievements:

Fixed a bug in the Buyback system that did not return the correct item to you.
Fixed the texture flickering on terrains with Best graphics quality.
Fixed a bug where Draconis would not end immediately if a team had 9 eggs in its base and the 10th was restored to base.
Fixed drops still appearing on the ground after they had been picked up by a Collector.
Fixed a problem with Exit Game which briefly tried to reconnect you.
Fixed the model of the Forbidden 2H Sword, it was using the spear.
Fixed a bug that could make your group disband in the middle of a dungeon.
Improved dozens of item and skill icons to better quality graphics.
Fixed some job quest descriptions that had been cut off.
Fixed the menu button, it will now stay hidden until you click it.
Added an Achievement button on the menu.
Fixed the graphics of the Clan Creation dialog.
Fixed some text on Pricing dialogs for configuring your vending shop.
Fixed a bug that would not allow you to remove an item from your vending buylist.
Fixed a bug that would make you click through certain objects and platforms. (Notably the Karkia Crystal Room)
Extended the Kill Streak to continue after 10 kills.
Fixed a bug that would make your Arena Group appear gone after a restart while in a 1v1 Tournament.
Fixed the union point booster, it will now work on all characters in your account.
Added a buff fairy at the respawn point near Burtland in Junon Polis.
Fixed a bug in duel that would allow you to teleport without ending the duel.
Fixed the spawn location for players who re-join an arena game after disconnecting.
Extended the maximum group size 30 players.
Removed the cooldown on placing a bounty.