Update 22/01/2017 : Portuguese UI


Update 22/01/2017 : Portuguese UI

Added a Portuguese interface translation


Added an ingame Google Translate popup to help Brazilian players.


The Alt/Ctrl hotkey bar now switches to Ctrl and Alt when pressing that button so both pages can be used without any clicks.

Blocked duels in Sanctuary
The duel timer is now compensated for the player’s latency
Players can now target each other in a duel before the timer runs out to minimize any latency influence.

Item Mall
The booster coupon gives 300 credits again, but Gathering Tools can’t be purchased with Credits anymore.
Added the new gem [9]s in the Item Mall.
Gunslinger coupon is now discounted like all other job coupons.

You can now talk to an NPC while riding a mount
Mounts no longer remove your buffs.
Mounts no longer unequip when changing maps.

Mute no longer affects clan chat, but mute durations will soon be increased (more about this later).
Removed snow and Xmas quest areas.
Fixed vending problems around disabled NPCs
Fixed Venurune and Plutorune vending
Fixed Snow valley map
Fixed the range of NPC shouts, they won’t be visible to the whole map anymore.