Update 2.8.3 : Deathmatch, Noob maps


Update 2.8.3 : Deathmatch, Noob maps

– Added ‘Deathmatch‘ to the Game Arena.

  • This is an event that can be started by Event Managers.
  • All players must kill eachother and the one who reaches the point limit first wins the Deathmatch.
  • Group sizes, Group Limits and Point limits can be changed by the EM to turn it into a Team Deathmatch.
  • You are automatically respawned after 5 seconds with full automatic buffs
  • There is a 5 second spawn protection
  • Chat is removed in this area
  • 10 Points are awarded per kill
  • 5 Points are awarded per killstreak of 3 or more.
  • The scoreboard can be viewed with Alt+J hotkey.
  • A new map was added for this game.

Deathmatch will be played for the Anniversary Ranking today, you can earn 3 points!

– Added two new maps that function as a gateway between low level areas and Junon cities.

  • Mount Sherock : Connects Breezy Hills to Junon Polis
  • Forest of Dawn : Connects Adventurers Plains with Sunshine Coast, Valley of Luxem Tower and Canyon city of Zant

– Adjusted Shaman skills a little again.
– Adjusted Sphere attack power calculation : It now uses mostly INT + some STR
– Fixed Spartan Spear

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Forest of Dawn
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Mount Sherock
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