Update 2.7.0 : Prestige Stats, Appearance Changer


Update 2.7.0 : Prestige Stats, Appearance Changer

•Adjusted item refining.

  • Old refinement level 9 bonus stat were restored.
  • Refinement level 10~15 now adds prestige status to your items.

•Added Prestige Runes on novice alchemy and reward system (more info below).

  • Poison Magic – Increase damage and chance of poison attack on every hit.
  • Stunna – Chance to stun your enemy when using a skill.
  • Blood Sucker – Some of your damage to your enemy is added to your HP. (“Life steal”)
  • Defensive Wall – Reflect damage done by your enemy.
  • Stunmina – Chance to avoid stun cast by your enemy.
  • Holy Ghost – Extend stealth capabilities.
  • Survivor – Boost your defense when enemy cast clan assists.

•Added prestige rune box on item refining window.

•Added plant saving (Plants are restored after a server maintenance).

•Added a new character Appearance Changer. (talk to NPC Shendeng in Junon Polis)
Attached Image: appearance.png

•Added icons to indicate Exp medals, Farming permits and Gather speed / drop boosters with remaining time display (located below buff icons).
Attached Image: icons.png

•Added ruby 7 and opal 7 restriction to slotted non-premium items. (restricted gems)

  • Ruby 7
  • Opal 7
  • Peridot 7

•Added player status in friends list.

  • Online
  • Farming
  • Away
  • Busy
  • PvP : Only if you use this status, you can be called by Clan Recall.
  • Vending
  • Offline

•Adjusted farming system material/loot drop rate.

  • Trash materials were removed.
  • Every harvest will reward you the needed materials for refinement crafting.

•Adjusted novice alchemy crafting.

  • Decreased crafting materials requirement on selected categories to almost 50%.
  • Increased/decreased success rate computation on selected categories by 10%.

•Adjusted new IM armors.

  • Now adds set bonus stat.

•Fixed plants, trees, stones spawn quantity and location.
•Fixed CTP scroll.
•Fixed warp from Geb Desert to Paradise of Ra.
•Fixed a problem with summons in the Tournament Arena.
•Added 5 Donation Point coupons in Item Mall.

• How to use prestige runes

– Adjustments were made to the refinement implementation, now when you upgrade your items to level 1~9 you will get the old bonus stat incrementation.
For premium items that are already on level 9, bonus stat is now same as before (no decrease, no increase). What will you get from level 10~15 is called prestige stats. These stats are passive, meaning it will be triggered by events when you pvp. You have seven prestige runes to choose from.

– Prestige runes can be obtained through artisan crafting or through farming system rewards.

– Upgrading your items to level 10~15, we have added another box to accommodate the prestige runes, this box is in-line with the success and protection runes and is optional. Optional meaning, you may or may not use any prestige rune, if you decided not to use any prestige rune your item will receive random prestige stat based on the seven available prestige runes. required refining materials are still the same as per patch #4.

• Points to remember

– When to use “Prestige Runes”?
As said before these runes are optional. For example; you’re going to refinement level 10 and decided to use a prestige rune for specific prestige stat, but now your going to refinement level 11 and decided not to use a prestige rune. The prestige stat that you have acquired from level 10 using a prestige rune will be change to a random prestige stat as you decided not to use a prestige rune.

Best way to use these prestige runes is when your going for level 15 refinement so you can save some expense buying or crafting runes, but getting to level 15 wont be easy and you might get stuck in certain level with random stat. we did say this is optional, so if you think you’ll be stuck for a while in a certain level and want to build your items with certain prestige stat, we recommend to use a prestige rune.

– Prestige stat increase by refinement level, as said earlier prestige stats are passive and does not affect your base stats nor does base stats affects prestige stats. they are completely two different stats. Prestige stats increases by refinement level, starting at the lowest refinement level 10 to its highest at level 15.

More detailed guide coming up..

*** REMINDER ***

New prestige stats are in beta and can be adjusted anytime if its too powerful or not effective.