Update 2.4.0 : New Mounts, Lottery, Treasure Hunt


Update 2.4.0 : New Mounts, Lottery, Treasure Hunt

New Mounts and Driving Changes
Added 9 new mounts
– Cow Mount (Sold at NPC Sicru)
– Spider Mount (Sold at NPC Sicru)
– Antares Mount (Sold in Item Mall)
– Wolf Mount (Sold in Item Mall)
– Moldie Mount (Craftable)
– Krawfy Mount (Craftable)
– Frostworm Mount (Event Prize)
– Basilisk Mount (Event Prize)
– Chicken Mount (Free reward at level 30, expires after 15 days)

Updated the 4 original mounts (Eagle, Dragon, Mammoth and Tiger)
– No more bugs walking over bridges or platforms
– Smoother animations

– Added Universal Saddle item in NPC Sicru, a backseat that can be used with every mount.

– Riding skills have been changed into 3 separate skills:
Drive Cart : Level 50 : Obtained from Mildun : Regular carts, hooverbikes, aero, snowboard
Drive Castle Gear : Level 70 : Obtained from Mildun : Castle Gears
Ride Mount : Level 30 : Obtained from Sicru : Mounts

– Mounts now also have their own Food to restore Mount Energy, sold at NPC Sicru.
– Added many new Castle Gear and Cart types to be used soon.

Treasure Hunt
This is an event that can be started by a GM, a Treasure is spawned every hour and the map is announced.
The first player who finds the treasure gets a prize. Prizes include DP, Zulie, Runes, Exp Medals and Cute shields.

You can now buy Lottery Tickets from Felice Fete in Magic City of the Eucar. Every Friday at 19:00 3 winners will be picked.
Tickets cost 1,000,000z each.
First Prize: 150 DP and 50% of all ticket zulie.
Second Prize: 100 DP and 20% of all ticket zulie.
Third Prize: 50 DP and 10% of all ticket zulie.

(Note: You will not receive “Ticket” items, if your zulie is taken you have been signed up for the lottery )
(Note 2: You don’t have to be online to win the Lottery, you will receive the prize at your next login)

Added a new system for promo codes which will be posted on our Forums or Facebook.
Like our Facebook page so you won’t miss any of them!
If you see a coupon you can claim it ingame by writing in your game chat: /coupon COUPONNAMEHERE
For example, our first coupon was 5YEARS. To claim it, you write /coupon 5YEARS in your game chat. (It has already expired now.)

New Item Mall Equipment
A bunch of new equipment has been added in the Item Mall, check it out!

Level 70-130 PVP Wars
Two new Tournaments have been added on Wednesdays
18:00, A group war (groups of 4~10 players), all group members must have a different second job, prize 25,000,000z per team member
19:00, A 1v1 war, prize 50,000,000z

CG and Mount PVP War
A new war has been added for CG and Mount battles. This can be started by GMs.

Account Access changes
Added the “You have no access from this location” popup again if you have 0 access on an account.
You will be temporarly banned if you enter a wrong pin too many times. Several of these temp bans will result in a permanent ban to secure the account.

P2P Disassembly disabled
P2P disassembly has been disabled because there has been too much abuse by scammers.
Every day we receive reports about DP being stolen by friends, so it will remain disabled until we have figured out a more secure way to do it.

Mute (Chatbans)
Violating chat rules regarding offensive language will now result in a chat restriction. This can be for 3 days, 7 days, or permanently.

Aero and Chaos vehicles now have an “enter” and “leave” animation, lowering the vehicle to the floor to enter or leave it.
Added some transition music between changing maps.
Fixed a bug where players would be teleported out of the Celestial War maps.
Fixed a bug where a player could still win his tournament fight after logging out during the fight.
Fixed a bug where players still saw buffs after joining the Tournament Arena, although the buffs were already removed.
Fixed a bug where the friendslist would not be saved if it’s full.
Fixed stats awarded by Ride parts, such as Cart Boosters.
Old characters with skills from an other job will now automatically get a skill reset.
Added new loading screens for the iRosePH Anniversary.
Modified the yellow vend store skin text to “SHOP” instead of “GM”

Known bugs:
– Hoverbikes have a problem with the character animation.
– Plutorune and Venurune have had their type switched.
– Aero and hoverbikes are too slow.

Updated Patcher
– Fixed links forums / wiki / register / ticket system.