Update 15/04/2017 : Easter Event


Update 15/04/2017 : Easter Event

Happy Easter!

Easter Event – NPC Easter Bunny in Junon Polis
* The egg hunt is on! Find 25 eggs in Junon Polis to get the full reward set!
* Easter Island is back. After you complete the egg hunt you can go to the easter island and destroy the Moai statues to get other Easter-themed items for your collection.

Premium Shop – NPC Barnes in Junon Polis
* Players can earn Premium Points by referring new players and by voting. Read more details here.
* The Premium Shop currently sells Premium Mode coupons, Invisible Costume, Tryant Warship Mount and Bone Spider Mount

– Premium Mode
* If you use a Premium Account coupon your account will have the following benefits for the duration of your premium status:
– A daily giftbox containing item mall useables and a chance for a random item from the premium store.
– Four extra storage tabs
– No storage fees

– Added Mount Previewing.
– Adjusted the Echantment mechanics. It’s now possible again to put a stat on an item that did not have a stat yet.
Game Arena rewards now have their own Classification so they can not receive stats from most other items.
– Adjusted some mechanics for Big Bosses. Rewards are given directly to the player instead of dropping on the ground.
– Added a notification icon when a Game Arena game opens registration. The window will also flash on your taskbar when minimized.
– Added the possibility to have an event period during which more Union Points will be rewarded from union wars.
– Added a different way of boosting the drop rate to make a monster drop multiple items at once.
– Disabled the Attach command in all maps except Tournament areas
– Added a popup when you try to message a friend while you are blocking messages or while your status is offline.
– Added a popup when you try to message a friend while you are disconnected from the community services after an automatic reconnect.
– Added Easter loading screens and some original iRose loading screens.
– Added some info popups for new characters
– Adjusted Sikuku Underground Prison to make it impossible for monsters to go inside walls.
– Fixed a disconnect when using consumables
– Fixed the bug which made you get stuck in the wallhacking protection
– Fixed the clan recall bug when two clan members are in the process of reconnecting.
– Fixed a bug with the exp medal counter

– Added 8 equipment sets to the Item Mall. These are similar to sets from many years ago but with a different color scheme and modern stats.
– Added Bebeg Mount to the Arumic union store
– Added Moss Golem Mount to the Righteous union store
– Added Desert Mantaris Mount to the Junon Order union store
– Added Lich King Mount to the Ferrell union store
– Added Wolverine Mount in Craft
– Added Eugid Mount in Craft
– Added Orphe Mount in Craft
– Adjusted the crafting formulas for the most recently added gems, they now require a different gem instead of pink opals.
– Adjusted the crafting formula for Ancient Royal Adornment to use Ikaness Jewels instead of Tiger Tail Fur
– Added Red Beetleman Wing in Craft
– Added Yellow Beetleman Wing in Craft