Update 12/2021


Update 12/2021

Event :
– The christmas event is here go talk to felice fete on magic city of eucar , you will have the choice to do Santa Escort and Santaplanetoid quests or the Sky lodge quests.
– This year beside santa delivery and escort and sky lodge events we have added new one, Hunt Reindeers and little reindeers in mount eruca and you will have chance to drop Snowstar, collect 60 snowstars and you can exchange them for new set boxes.
– you can exchange the snowstars at Santa claus npc , in Junon Zant or The magic city of eucar.
– 5 new sets as rewards for the Christmas event we hope that you enjoy collecting them and getting all the sets !

Coupon :
– XMAS2021 Coupon have been added to the game until 10/01/2022 use it and you will get
> 300 Credits Points.
> Blue Fat Santa Set 4 parts.( Permanent )
> 7 Days Premium Service.
> Large Exp medals of 1000 Kills
> Snowy Cloud back item ( 30 days )

The season 1 of the battlepass has ended,all battlepass have been reset.We believe last season rewards was good , but not enough ! so we have considerabely raised all reward items for this season

– The gold battlepass cost only 400 DP now , but once you finish the battlepass you will get rewarded with 400 Credits approximately .
– Added new Set at the final level Maghina Moonlight Set
– Added also Exlusive seraph wing of the undauted at the final level .
– Added new pig cart reward to the battlepass.
– The rewards for all levels have been Adjusted, all rewards have been raised.

Item Mall :
– Its Christmas, so that means it is the item mall sale !  -25% on all item malls until 04/01/2022.
– Added 11 New Christmas Exlusive sets to the item mall .
– Added 13 New sets to the item mall.
– Reduced Battlepass gold pass to 400DP
– Reduced 10k Battlepass exp coupon to 40 DP
– Reduced 5k Battlepass exp coupon to 20 DP

Gameplay :
– From now on in the tower you can play with 2 characters instead of 1 , so dual client is allowed.
– A lot of players was asking for it ! some players couldn’t get ups to +15 and that made their characters weak against fully refined players,we added new system where we can choose in wich map ups are enabled or disabled . we first disabled the ups in training grounds.in the next update there will be events maps where ups will be enabled and others where it will be disabled , we will need your feedback and suggestions on this.your equiped items will remain (15) on the maps but the effects won’t apply.
– the pvp season has ended permanent sets will be sent to the winners .
– Added permanent pvp sets to the game .- Added two new mounts to the Honor shop.
– The empire battleground will start as soon as there are  10 Players registered for a 5vs5 game . once 10 players are registred there will be a counter of 5 Minutes,the game can go until  7vs7.- The empire battleground teams will be always even , so there won’t be 5vs6 games.
– As players requested , the celestial war maps will be max 30vs30  so you can’t be more than 30 from same clan in the same Crystal Room. this can be updated/ adjusted anytime.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where the arena sets didn’t have costume stats.
– Removed Summer box from the honor store.