Update 12/2020


Update 12/2020
Event :
The Penguin Maffia is trying to cancel Christmas! Escort Santa to his Planetoid and defend him from the Penguin Mafia all the way through Mount Eruca. Talk to [ Event Info ] Felice Fete in Eucar to start the quest.
– This is a multi-part quest for Christmas. You can only do this quest once per account.
Your result in part 2 and 4 of the quest will determine how many items you get in the end, so complete it 100% to get everything!
The quest can be hard. Find a good tactic and keep trying.
– Enabled the quest in Skii Lodge and added two new equipment sets as reward for this quest. [Talk to Felice Fete in Eucar].
– Added Xmas Coupon XMAS2020. You will receive 3x Exp medals ( 1000 Kills ) , 300 item mall credits , and Exlusive back shield that can be used as costume .
-Fortress siege:
As all clans enjoying the celestial war we have added new clan game, the fortress siege will start every saturday , Monday and Wednesday 10:00PM server time .
This schedule will give possibility to players from all over the world to participate .
The portal will open near [Righteous Crusader]Gawain and all clans will be teleported to the forteress, players must destroy forteress gates and kill the Forteress Gryphon . the first clan that kill the gryphon will win.
– on the first siege all clans will be Attackers, on the next sieges , the fortress owner will have to defend the gryphon and get teleported near it , and all remaining clans will be attackers .
– Winning the forteress siege will give you access to the clan forteress where you can do daily quest inside ( exclusive for winners ) and get +20 Honor points everyday, you will also be rewarded by exclusive [GA] Animated backshield.
– to go to the clan forteress you must talk to to npc [Righteous Crusader] Gawain .
you will need at least grade 5 Clan and Forteress siege clan skill to participate, clan master have to complete forteress siege quest the quest can be taken from [Clan Manager]Ashland.
– Added New weapon type that comes with effect and will be introduced in future updates.
– All aura backshields now show as costume .
– Removed Kiss and jump skills . as they were being used for other purposes.
– Added new respawn point in Junon center.
– Increased respawn time on all auto respawn to 7 seconds and tournaments 10 seconds.
– Fixed a bug where you could see yourself alive and could not do skills in tournaments / gamearena / pvp.
– Fixed bug in draconis peaks where you could run wih egg
– Fixed Karakia maze that was closing even before killing the boss inside.
– Fixed bug where you could not use clan recall on celestial war, you can use it back now.