Update 11/2020


Update 11/2020

Gameplay :

Celestial war:
We have been thinking to improve the celestial war game play so there will be some changes. from now on the max player count inside the crystal room from same clan will be  20 , the maze can have unlimited players count .
Also we can start every planet individually and thats for future updates if needed .
-The ally system is disabled in all celestial war maps.
– Destroying crystal inside celestial war maps reward  2M zuly instead of 25m to prevent farming / getting free zulies.
-The karakia Quest have been fixed , you can now get the karakia skill and compete to own the planet too.

– Tombs of panadora :
a new dungon with same type of Luna forgotten temple , this one is in eldeon planet and accessible without any level restriction, to access the the tombs you need to collect 20 Panadora keys and  talk to npc Jeffrey Lloyd to get the quest .
you should then talk to npc kanza to teleport to te tombs of panadora, npc kanza is located in Sikuku Underground Prison , at the entrance of the fourth room. the quest reward lisent and hears and zulies,  the quest rewards are affected by charm .
if you get killed by player three times inside the dungeon you will get teleported and have to take the quest again.

– Daily quests system :
We have added new daily quest system and added five quests for now in Junon ,  Xita refuge and Last sanctuary .The quest and rewards are given by npc Vino in Junon,  Wahkan in Eldeon and Park alabaster in Last sanctuary, the daily quests are account bound and can be done only once per account.
The daily quests are reset everyday at 6AM server time.
– Added Daily quest Uprising in prison this quest rewards an emblem , collect 50 emblems and trade them for unique Kera Mount that have 1900 speed .
– Panadora disturbance quest , will reward you +30 Honor and +10 Valor and +20 Premium points it is party quest so all party members will get the proofs .
– The Four titans quest , you must hunt the four titans to get 20 Premium points that you can use in premium store .
– The Maze Boss , kill Tybarin inside mysterious catacombs . 20 premium points- The Tower Master, finish the tower and get exlusive rewards based on how many bosses you hunt, this quest reward also premium points but also Ups material boxes for all party members .
-Material Binder
-Advanced Enchantment Stone
-Material Trihide Stone
-Refining Material
-Runes  box

many daily quests will be added on upcoming updates .

-Monsters AI :
We have been working on improving monsters ai , and first two bosses of panadora will have different ai from other bosses  they have possibility to  spawn monsters , use debuff skills , stealth skills can select random char and also reset hp if you stop hitting them or run away .
Maneater king ,and Kabold guardian will have different ai from old bosses. those can be still adjusted / improved in future.
– Added lucifer wing box to the honor shop 8 wings with different exlusive colors.
– The premium shop have been updated with various masks and item sets to help new players to get decent free items for farming and leveling
– To help players get max refines and runes we have added many random boxes to premium shops those items will reward Ups mats

-Material Binder
-Advanced Enchantment Stone
-Material Trihide Stone
-Refining Material

– Added wooden backseat to Mildun.
– Added New animated backshields
-Added new effects backshields to the game these are unique and will be added asap to the game and craft tables
– Added many new masks to the game
– Added 10 new faces
– Added  more than 20 new hairs .
– Raised price of change hair / gender / face coupon price was too low.

Class balance :
– Union weapon skill have higher cooldown
– Sneaky skill duration have been lowred .
– Increased range of Pressure skill .

Bug Fixes :
– You can no longer use icicles inside arena maps.
– Domination give back buffs imidiately after loosing them / get resurected .
– Healing or any benefic skill from all classes removes spawn protect now as some players were healing their main char while on spawn protect on pvp maps.
– Fixed a bug where monsters didn’t drop some specific items .
– Fixed eldeon clanfield teleport scroll spawn .
– Fixed karakia celestial war quest.
– Fixed character window ui some texts was overlapping .
– Fixed many icons  in honor shop , some items had blank icons.
– Fixed Oro teleport to Junon the spawn was in wrong position.

Item mall :
– Fixed all stats of previous added items in item mall the stats wans’t applying as main items only as costume.
Drops :
– Added Panadora Key to all eldeon drop tables.