Update 10/2021


Update 10/2021


The Halloween Event is here on iRosePH ! use the Coupon HALLOWEEN2021 To get free goodies !

We have added two brand new sets to Evil Farmer Jack craftable with The invasion maps
You can move out of junon even when the the invasion is in progress .

– The new Empire battleground !

Empire battleground gameplay have been enhanced and will start now on demand , as soon as 14 Players register everyone will be teleported to the map
the blue and red teams will have both minions that spawn every minute.

Every team have two turrets, once turret gets destroyed the minions will be stronger.
Once both turrets are destroyed the Crystal will spawn and the first team destroy crystal will win the game.
This is brand new game play and will be improved in the future patches.

Added Arena Energy to the game arena, it is automatically regenerated and will give you 10000 Arena Energy every 24 Hours, this will prevent spamming on demand games as more games will be released in the near future .

All 1vs1 and 2vs2 Arena stats have been reset ! Congratulation to all season winners.

Marketplace is ready !

We have added Unique system in our servers ! from now on all offline stores will show on marketplace npcs
the npcs are in every town for every planet

[Marketplace Manager] Colyn in Junon Polis
[Marketplace Manager] Alan in Magic City of Eucar
[Marketplace Manager] Andrick in Xita Refuge
[Marketplace Manager] Khalfani in Desert City of Muris

you can search any item from the marketplace directly
clicking on an item name will highlight the store so you can find it very face
the marketplace is also accessible from the main website so you can check all available items or your own store from the main website



-Fixed Drops of prisoner chains and rusty prisoner keys
-Fixed lags in Junon due to the amount of offline stores the game should be smoother now
-Fixed mana drain bug where player couldn’t move once debuff is applied