Update 05/2022


Update 05/2022
  • Raised Empire battleground max players to 10vs10 instead of 7vs7, the game will still start at a minmum of 10 players.
  • Fixed bug where worldboss didn’t give drop to all attackers
  • Raised chance to spawn the orlo shrine after killing Argarous it has 50% chance now to spawn the orlo golden shrine.
  • Reduced Argarous monster HP.
  • Added more drops to all the four clan fields shrines.
  • Updated the tower of petrification monsters stats the two – last bosses were too hard.
  • Fixed Gloopy Weekly battlepass quest.
  • Fixed Keltus Siege Worldboss Drops.
  • Fixed bug where there was no tower attacking effects in empire battleground.
  • Fixed bug to show the pandora monsters attacking effect.