Update 02/2022


Update 02/2022


Valentine Event is activated join now find treasures and get exlusive items! new unique sets have been added to the treasure chest.
New Coupon ! VALENTINE2022 Claim your coupon and get Valentine event special goodies !
– Full Valentine set with backshield – 7 Days Premium Service – Extra large Exp Medal – Valentine Firecrackers

Gameplay :

Activity reward feature, being active in game  will give you chance to get Activity reward box , you can get one item from the following after opening it .

  • Donation Coupon
  • Item Mall Credits
  • Premium Points
  • Battlepass Exp
  • Exp Medal
  • Gathering Speed Booster
  • Gathering Double the Drop
  • Valentine Love bag

Celestial war have been set back to 50 Players in Crystal rooms , a new game with 30v30 and 20vs20 will be Added soon for clans update.

Training ground have been updated ! once you join the map you will get buffed same way as the junon cartel . in the training grounds ups are disabled so you can fight with you  +9 characters .
Added new Treasure chest spots, in Oro Clan field and Eldeon Clan field.
Added new Npc  [ Marketplace Manager] Keno to Canyon City of Zant.µ
Fairy buffs will give you +1000 Int buffs if you are below level 220.
Added new Rackie Worldboss .
reduced Trifasciata Spear Str Requirement.

Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug where arumic arena was starting with wrong players count.