Patch Notes 25.08.2016


Patch Notes 25.08.2016

[ Dungeon Rewards ]
– Added 8 equipment sets in Ulverick Equipment Crates
– Added 12 new wings in Ulverick Back Crate
– Added the “Junon” weapon series in Ulverick Weapon Crate

– The final boss, Ulverick, will always drop one equipment from these crates to every member of the group.
– All drops in Cave of Ulverick are seperate and private to each member of the group.

– Equipment obtained as Dungeon Drop and from Dungeon Crates are able to have stat combinations that previously did not exist. There are millions of possible combinations.
– Weapons obtained as Dungeon Drop and from Dungeon Crates have variable Attack Power and Hit Rate properties.
– Armors obtained as Dungeon Drop and from Dungeon Crates have variable Defense, Magic Defense and Dodge properties.
– Together these stats have the potential to be better than any previous item, but it will take some grinding to get the stats you want.

– Equipment from Dungeons and Dungeon Crates will *bind to account upon use*. Your can choose to
* A ) Use the item for your own account
* B ) Sell the item before you use it
* C ) Disassemble the item into Valor, the dungeon currency. This is still possible after the item has been bound.

– Valor can be used to buy new Dungeon Crates from a Dungeon NPC.
– The NPC for the Ulverick Dungeon is [Ranger] Paul in Desert of the Dead
– [Ranger] Paul can give you a side quest to collect Cobwebs while doing the Cave of Ulverick dungeon. Completing this side quest will increase your chance to get a Key drop from Ulverick.

– Opening an Ulverick Crate requires the use of an Ulverick Key. As said, you have a chance of dropping one when killing Ulverick. You can also buy it from the Item Mall.
– Added a new window for Crate opening
– Dungeon items can not be polished for new stats
– Dungeon armors can not be drilled, Dungeon weapons can.
– Dungeons will now wait 90 seconds after the final boss is destroyed to give time for all members to pick up their drops.
– Dungeon items can be recognized by their red name and red icon border.

[Item Mall]
The Item Mall now has a 25% SALE! It will last for at least 2 weeks.

New in Item Mall:
Gob Silver Mask (face item)
Metal Gear Patch (face item)
Pipe Mask (face item)
Viking Beard (face item)
Plague Doctor Face (face item)
Deco Mask Black (face item)
Water Earring Purple (face item)
Clock Work (back item)
Purple Seraph Wing (back item)
Pirate Flag (back item)
Cape Blue (back item)
Cape Purple (back item)
Cape Green (back item)
Phoenix Wing (back item)
Vintage Autumn Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
Viking Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
Bat Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
T-100 Rosenator Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
Ancient Golden Dual Guns (weapon)
Forbidden Sword (weapon)
Forbidden Hammer (weapon)
Forbidden Bowgun (weapon)
Forbidden Two Handed Sword (weapon)
Forbidden Axe (weapon)
Forbidden Spear (weapon)
Forbidden Bow (weapon)
Forbidden Gun (weapon)
Forbidden Cannon (weapon)
Forbidden Staff (weapon)
Forbidden Wand (weapon)
Forbidden Katar (weapon)
Forbidden Dual Swords (weapon)
Forbidden Dual Guns (weapon)
Forbidden Sphere (weapon)
Knight Shield (weapon)
Cleric Shield (weapon)
Scout Shield (weapon)
Holy Relic (weapon)

– New in Craft:
Diablo Red (PAT: body, arms, feet)
Diablo Blue (PAT: body, arms, feet)
Diablo White (PAT: body, arms, feet)
Diablo Engine (PAT: engine)
Robot Yellow Mask (face item)
Robot Blue Mask (face item)
Police Glasses Silver (face item)
Police Glasses Brown (face item)
Sentai Mask Black (face item)
Sentai Mask Blue (face item)
Sentai Mask Red (face item)
Beetleman Black Wing (back item)
Beetleman Orange Wing (back item)
Beetleman Purple Wing (back item)
Beetleman White Wing (back item)
Pop Idol Pink Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
Pop Idol Blue Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
Pop Idol Green Set (hat, body, arms, foot)

– New in Union:
– All Union items now have a green icon border
Marau (face item)
Clover Mask (face item)
Cyber Mask (face item)
Lady Mask (face item)
Araiguma (back item)
Bubble Machine (back item)
Straw Doll (back item)
Beer Mug (back item)
Charming School Cloth Set (body, arms, foot)
Imitation Black Set (body, arms, foot)
Imitation Red Set (body, arms, foot)
Imitation White Set (body, arms, foot)

– Updated Treasure with 3 new sets and different consumables.
Grey Wolf Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
Brown Wolf Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
White Wolf Set (hat, body, arms, foot)

– Added Event Rewards:
Gold Champion Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
Silver Champion Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
Bronze Champion Set (hat, body, arms, foot)
White Beetleman Set (hat, body, arms, foot)

[ Network ]
– Added Client Reconnect. Short hiccups in an unstable connection should not result in a hard disconnect anymore.
– Characters will now stay in the server up to 30 seconds after a network error to allow the Client to reconnect.
– In busy areas this time may be shortened because there would be too many changes to resynchronize the Client.
– The Client and Server will try to reconnect when a soft disconnect – 7.5 seconds lag – have passed, even if no hard disconnect was detected.
– If the Client disconnects from the Clan and Community server, a warning will be displayed above the minimap, but you will stay in the game.

[ Misc ]
– Added Server sided protections against wall hacking and glitching. This should stop player from bugging into some walls – on purpose or unintentionally.
– PVP Arena
– All CW Castles and Crystal Rooms
– Training Grounds

– Fixed a bug that would let a player cast a skill while appearing to run away from enemies.
– Fixed a bug that would let some players run during the tournament buff time.
– Fixed a bug that would let someone log into a character in a CW map without being kicked.
– Improved randomness in the whole game – should stop CW from having the same hot planet many weeks in a row
– Made improvements to scrolling the list in Character Select.
– Added an emote panel in friend chat.
– Added a popup for each group member to confirm they are ready to join a dungeon.
– Fixed a bug with regards to the areas monsters are able to walk. In some maps they cannot walk onto steep mountains or rocks any more.
– Fixed some visual glitches on the Achievement window
– Fixed the NPC to leave from Snowflakes Arena.
– Made an improvement to the shop Deal window, special currencies (Union Points, Valor) have new icons and will display your balance when you hover it.

– Added 2016 Anniversary Bag
– Removed the Sporty Black Strip Frame, was the same texture as Sporty Orange Frame.
– Adjusted Health and Mana potions icons.
– Fixed some jewerly icons that were messed up.
– Fixed the Electric Ice and Ancient Golden Two Handed Sword, from attack power to hitting rate, if any one wishes to switch it for Forbidden Two Handed Sword (attack power) they may request so in the ticket system for a limited time.
– Added new icons for lots of items, all items should have an icon now.
– Adjusted range of Electric Ice Dual Guns to 32M.
– Removed job requirement on the following items Festive Christmas Gloves, Cacoa Gingerbread Gloves, Vanilla Gingerbread Gloves, Rudolph Gloves, Snowman Gloves.
– Removed trade restrictions on old Beetleman prizes.