Update 04/2022


Update 04/2022

Clans :
– Added new clan grade 8 ! get your Golden Rank by talking to burtland.- Leveling your clan to grade 8 will allow masters and deputy masters to learn new exlusive clan skills.
– Clan points system has changed now !  Clan points is now the clans currency and will be used by masters and deputy masters for now to buy exlusive items.
– All grade 7 Clan points have been reset so all the clans will have the same start and new clan points clan currency collection.
– Leveling your clan from grade 6 to grade 7 will now reset the clan points to have the same start as all the clans when reaching level 7.
– Added new npc [Clan Store Manager] Sam to the clan house, this new npc will sell all new exlusive clan skills listed below .









 Skill books :

– Clan Experience Skill Book
– Clan Strength Skill Book
– Clan Dexterity Skill Book
– Clan Intelligence Skill Book
– Clan Concentration Skill Book
– Clan Charm Skill Book
– Clan Sense Skill Book
– Clan Stable Training Skill Book
– Clan PvM Offense Skill Book
– Clan PvM Defense Skill Book
– Clan Recovery Skill Book
– Clan Drop Chance Skill Book



– All new clan skills expire after certain time . the time vary from 6 days up to 45 days.
– To prevent clan hoping ,we have added cooldown of 30 Minutes upon leaving a clan. so you won’t be able to join a clan again until the cooldown expired.

Clan Field :
We noticed that once players are max level the clan fields were not used even if they are exlusive maps for clan fields so we have added new world game inside all four planets clanfieldswhen you kill clan fields bosses you have chance that a Shrine will spawn on center of the clan field.
you need to destroy the shrine to get very powerfull buffs and various exlusive drops the shrine can drop , cosumables , materials, items, and a lot of clan points .
Be carful ! hitting the shrine will spawn angry ghosts which have debuffs and powerfull attacks .
destroying the shrine will kill all the ghosts.

– Earth Shrine (junon cf)
– Water Shrine (luna cf)
– Fire Shrine (eldeon cf)
– Wind Shrine (oro cf)












Fortress Siege :
– We noticed that almost all the clans were playing as attackers as they had very big advantage over defenders , so the gryphon stats have been adjusted.
– Remember to use the Defenders kill token on the Siege Defenders respawn npc [ Fortress Guard ] Aidan Goodwin.
– Using Kill tokens will make you repair the last gate which will give defenders advantage to re prepare and defend better as attackers will have to destroy the gate again.
– Added New Exlusive worldboss  Keltus.
– Keltus will spawn and attack the clan Fortress  2 times week  after every fortress siege .
– Added exlusive drops and items to keltus drop table.- Keltus have chance to drop his set ! The Keltus Set .
– Adjusted Fortress Siege now is  30 Minutes instead of 45Minutes .












Celestial War :
– Winning Celestial war will give you a brand new special skills .
– [CW] Exprate Increase Skill Book
– [CW] Droprate Increase Skill Book
– [CW] Farmrate Increase Skill Book
– [CW] HP Recovery Rate Skill Book
– [CW] MP Recovery Rate Skill Book

– This new skills are only activated on your planet , example if you own Junon the Exp rate will be increased in that planet but not in the others.
– Clan master must be in the crystal room to get the skills so you must choose which planet the bonus you want on.














Arena :
– The arena Elo have been reset  ! congratulations to all the winners .

Battlepass :
– Season 1 has ended we hope you all enjoyed collecting the exlusive items , we have added brand new items in this season ! do the tasks and collect the new items !
– Beside various items credits, and consumables we have added this following new exlusive items for this battlepass season .
– Mammoth 30 Days
– Shovel 15 Days
– Axe 15 Days
– Pickaxe 15 Days
– Paper Bag
– Heavymetal Mask
– Yellow Summer Dress
– La Chair 30 Days
– Sunshine Moonlight Set
– Sunshine Moonlight Astatot Wing









Item Mall :
We have added 17 brand new Shields in the item mall :
– Justice Charm
– Gryphons Defender
– Red Dragon Orb
– Blue Dragon Shield
– Black Riot Shield
– Red Riot Shield
– Magic Protector
– Magic Defender
– Orlean Defender
– Ruby Shield
– Oppressor Shield
– Damned Warrior Shield
– Paladin Shield
– Crusader Shield
– Golden Warrior Shield
– Dark Orb
– Lion Shield

– Dragons Jewel Shield

We have added New weapons set to the item mall :

– Stellar One Handed Sword I
– Stellar Hammer I
– Stellar Crossbow I
– Sellar Two Handed Sword I
– Stellar Axe I
– Stellar Lance I
– Stellar Bow I
– Stellar Gun I
– Stellar Cannon I
– Stellar Staff I
– Stellar Wand I
– Stellar Katar I
– Stellar Daggers I
– Raised the price of Battlepass exp 10000 to 70 instead of  40.
– Raised the price of Battlepass exp 5000 to 40 instead of 20.

Premium Store
– Gender, Face and Hair coupons have been moved to the Premium store.
– World Scrolls have been added to the shop, world scrolls have a common cooldown of 5 minutes.
– Lowered the price of shop coupons.


New Unique Weapons :
Added new npc in Heliopolis [ Lojala Blackbear Captain ] Skualo
this new npc will help you to craft brand new unique items .
– Eternal Weapons set :
Eternal Saber
Eternal Hammer
Eternal Crossbow
Eternal Sword
Eternal Axe
Eternal Spear

Eternal Bow
Eternal Gun
Eternal Cannon
Eternal Staff
Eternal Wand
Eternal Knuckles
Eternal Daggers

– Dark and Light Sabers colors, you provide the handle and materials to choose your light saber color
Blue Saber
Red Saber
Green Saber
Yellow Saber

– Eternal Flames Backitems effects .
Eternal Yellow Flame
Eternal Red Flame
Eternal Blue Flame
Eternal Black Flame


The Eternal Craft materials are the following  Broken Mail Crystal Shard Volcanic Rock Crest of Raj’aj
the craft materials are dropped on , Kavod Guardian , Maneater King on tombs of pandora , Argarous on Oro Clanfield & Tybarin on Karkia Crypt.
The weapons schematics are obtained from gamearena winners box .











Tombs of Pandora :
– The Kavod Guardian & Maneater king have chance to drop new Light Saber and Dark Saber Uniques Handles .
– Pandora Guardians w


ill drop also the Perth upgrade rune which is needed to Upgrade Dark and Light sabers handles.
– We have raised tombs of pandora monsters level it is for level 275 players now .
– Raised the Exp gained from all pandora monsters.




Empire Battleground:
– Raised the HP of the empire battleground towers
– Raised Attackpower and accuracy of towers
– Raised the movement speed of the wave 2 Minions .
– Raised Crystals HP.

Arumic Arena :
– Raised the HP of all the Crystals as it was too low and games were ending fast .

Updates :
– Added Arumic Arena for the Union Battlepass task.
– Added Schematics to the Game Arena reward box.
– Fixed Clan House Soldier Jason teleport location from Clan House to Luna planet, it gave an error.
– Fixed Clan House Soldier Jason teleport location from Clan House to Oro planet, it spawned players in Magic City of the Eucar in the middle of nowhere.
– Fixed Clan Teleport Scroll Oro Clan Fields location, it now teleports you to oro clan fields upon useage.
– Fixed Oro Clan Fields clan points not dropping.
– Changed Clan Teleport Scroll Eldeon Clan Fields location, it now teleports you in a better place.
– Changed Clan House Soldier Jason teleport location from Clan House to City of Junon Polis, it now teleports you on the boat like other planet teleports.
– Changed the task Better Together, it now requires you to level up a party from level 1 to level 5 and checks every level.
– Changed Altar Destroyer seasonal taks for the battlepass, it now requires the Altars in the new Empire Battleground.
– Added two new seasonal tasks for the battlepass: Capture the Elements and Training Puppet.
– Removed all summer items from the Game Arena, Union, Valor and Premium Shops.
– Gamearena window now shows the Arena Energy.- raised Little astarot wings  durability to 125 instead of  120.
– Fixed Achievement and achievement title when you kill the gryphon in fortress siege.
– Replaced killing altars by destorying towers in Empire battleground.

Drops : 
– Raised Chance to Get Prisoner Chains and Rusty Prisoner Keys on Eldeon Monsters.
– Fixed Oro Clan field drops , the monsters wasn’t dropping Cp correctly.
– Raised the drops of Worldboss Set, which was very rare .