Update 01/2022


Update 01/2022

Event :

Removed The Christmas event , we hope you all enjoyed the events .

Gameplay :

– Added ability to ems to start tournaments without ups so only +9 will be counted
– Added Snowflake arena map for Event tournaments +9
– Fixed ability to dual client on the tower
– Improved spawns of cactar fighter in Luna Clan field

Item mall:
– Removed item mall sale
– Added New fashion effect jems to the item mall .

* Fluorite Imitation
* Rose Quartz Imitation
* Spinel Imitation
* Sky Blue Topaz Imitation
* Teal Sapphire Imitation
* Tsavorite Imitation
* Tourmaline Imitation
* Rainbow Fluorite Imitation
* Added rainbow fluorite imitation

Bug fixes :

– Fixed flamed beetleman set stats
– Fixed minimap of the coliseum map
– Fixed Stats bug on item mall set.
– Adjusted Set Stats on ranked arena rewards
– The Gem effect if you wear costume is taken now instead of main item.
– Fixed the set stats on final battlepass set.