Karkia Update


Karkia Update

Today we mark the start of Planet Karkia. Karkia is the Planet of the Dead, a place where monsters from all other planets are buried upon death. As you have liberated the previous four planets, Herbarn has mounted an ultimate defense by resurrecting the dead on Karkia. Hordes of zombies roam on the fields and new, strange lifeforms have shown up. Other familiar monsters have re-appeared in a new form. By combatting these monsters, your level can rise up to 275.

Added ‘Last Sanctuary’


The Sanctuary is the safe town of the planet Karkia. It’s the only safe place remaining on the planet after zombies have taken control.

Added ‘Cemetery’


Cemetery will function as a map that connects all maps.
It will mostly be the place to level and to go from one map to another one.
If you’re new on Karkia, the Cemetery will be a very hostile place. Until you have liberated yourself and unlocked the higher level cap, you will be vulnerable to the Devil Pest.

Added ‘Defiled Crypt’


Defiled Crypt is an underground Crypt where you must defeat the defending Ogres in order to unlock a warp to the Afterworld, a dark place where an evil witch is hiding.
The Defiled Crypt is not permanently open You can only enter it when [Adventurer] Tyler is going on an expedition, 6 times a day, and you will need his assistance to enter.

Added ‘Mysterious Catacombs’


Mysterious Catacombs is a procedurally generated maze, designed to change in layout every time the map is opened. Portals to the Mysterious Catacombs will appear throughout the Cemetery. In the catacombs you will find rooms with chests, and in one room a boss will be hidden. The catacombs will close when the boss is defeated.

Added ‘Forgotten Tower’


Forgotten Tower is an area for tower challenges in which you will have to defeat strong bosses. You will reach a higher room in the tower every time you defeat a boss. You may bring a party.
You can enter the Forgotten Tower by speaking to [Gate Keeper] Malfo in Unholy Path.
Our first tower challenge consists of four levels, and the rewards are:
Completed all four levels: 75 million
Completed three levels: 35 million
Completed two levels: 25 million
Completed one level: 5 million

Added ‘Karkia Castle’ and ‘Karkia Crystal Room’
Added a quest to obtain the Karkia Castle skill
The Celestial War in Karkia will be more intense than any other. While defending your crystal, you will also have to hold off hordes of zombies that attack the reigning clan.

Maximum level & stat increase
The maximum level has been increased from level 255 to level 275.
The maximum stat has been increased from 400 to 450.
To increase your level from 255 to 256 players will have to unlock the Devil Pest Immunity quest.
If you do not complete this quest you will be poisoned upon entering the Cemetery.

Cave of Ulverick now has a chance to drop equipment at the first and second boss.
Added an extra npc in City of Junon Polis with a dungeon store.

Prestige Adjustments
”Stealth extend” has been changed into Mana Drain, it will now drain the enemies mana.
”Assist Survival” has been changed into Poison Resistance, it will now give you a chance to resist being poisoned.

New Gems
Beryl [8] and [9]
Moonstone [1] ~ [9]
Sunstone [1] ~ [9]
Star Agate [1] ~ [9]
Star Quartz [1] ~ [9]
Ruby, Garnet, Emerald now also contain defense.

Added ‘Amulets’
Amulets are a new kind of item being affected by Charm to add more succes chance to it’s performance.
The first Amulet will be released as the Amulet of Salvation which can resurrect a player upon dying. You can craft it with materials found in Karkia.
Amulets have a percentage of success and a limited amount of uses.
Once an Amulet has been activated it starts a cooldown.

Forbidden and Unholy Path have been moved to Karkia as they fit the theme better than Junon. Return scrolls are now being sold at the npc in the Sanctuary on Karkia.
Shaman can switch equipment during statis.
Added new icons for some of the older ammo items.
Added new icon for Angel Shield.
Added billboards in Junon, to be used to stream events like boxing

Fixed the magic and normal attack power of donations, craft and drop weapons that were added after 2013. This was mainly bugged on staffs, guns and dual guns.
Fixed Party dlg UI.
Fixed AI for Candle Ghosts in all the planets.
Fixed the clan funds bug, this bug caused players to lose their clan funds when they were disconnected from the world server.
Fixed the minimap icon that opens the world map to the planet icon you are on.
Removed the npc to Chess Dimension, it can no longer be visited.
Disabled the Halloween quests.

Item Mall Items
Guardian Behemoth (hat, body, arms, feet)
Heroic Meanie (hat, body, arms, feet)
Riot Corsair (hat, body, arms, feet)
Outlaw Punk (hat, body, arms, feet)

Amber Howling Wings (back item)
Sapphire Howling Wings (back item)
Emerald Howling Wings (back item)
Amethyst Howling Wings (back item)
Ruby Howling Wings (back item)

Shield of Cheer (shield)
Magic Tool of Spearmint (shield)

Sword of Holiday Cheer (weapon)
Snowman Mace (weapon)
Broardsword of Holiday Cheer (weapon)
Holiday Cheer Spear (weapon)
Gingerbread House Axe (weapon)
Holiday Bow (weapon)
Holiday Popper Gun (weapon)
Holiday Festive Launcher (weapon)
Staff of Holiday Cheer (weapon)
Peppermint Wand (weapon)
Gingerbread Claus (weapon)
Dual Gingerbread Men (weapon)
Candy Crossbow (weapon)
Thanksgiving Launcher (weapon)
SF Tank Black (PAT: body, engine, wheels, weapon)

Black Ronin (hat, body, arms, feet)
Blue Ronin (hat, body, arms, feet)
Green Ronin (hat, body, arms, feet)
Yellow Ronin (hat, body, arms, feet)
Beetleman White (PAT: body, arms, feet)
Beetleman Red (PAT: body, arms, feet)
Beetleman Engine (PAT: engine)

Cemetery of the Undead
Red Duece Set (hat, body, arms, feet)
Red Fiend Set (hat, body, arms, feet)
Red Demon Set (hat, body, arms, feet)
Red Ghoul Set (hat, body, arms, feet)
Fiend of Darkness Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Nergal Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Lillithis Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Eurynome Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Argramon Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Set of the Dead (ring, necklace, earring)
Lamashtu Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Vucub Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Hun Came Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Yuk-Onna Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Scylla Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Kraneia Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Alseides Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Necrilia Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Ancient Kaa The Souless Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Naz’gul Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Raz’al gul Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Arthousai Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Yenaldooshi Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Vucub Caquix Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Rakshasas Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Ashen Estus Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Carthus Blood Set (ring, necklace, earring)
Set of Sacrifice (ring, necklace, earring)
Estus Set (ring, necklace, earring)

Defiled Crypt
Wings of Fire (back item)
Wings of Ice (back item)
Wings of Nature (back item)

Forgotten Tower
Rusted Ancient Sword (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Hammer (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Bowgun (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Two Handed Sword (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Axe (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Spear (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Bow (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Gun (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Cannon (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Staff (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Wand (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Katar (weapon)
Rusted Ancient Dual Swords (weapon)

Mysterious Catacombs
Skeleton (back item)
Coffin of the Vampiric (back item)
Blue Coffin (back item)
Green Coffin (back item)
Orange Coffin (back item)
Red Coffin (back item)
Violet Coffin (back item)
White Coffin (back item)

NPC Shop
Last Sanctuary Return Scroll
Added new consumable and ammo boxes, these items contain 999 consumables or ammo that can stack which takes less inventory space.
Boxes with consumables and ammo can be bought from the NPC in the Last Sanctuary.
Wooden Arrows Crate, … ,Crystal Arrows Crate
Bean Bullets Crate, … ,Blaze Cannon Bullets Crate
Health Vial (S) Crate, … ,Astral Water Crate