Update 2.8.2


Update 2.8.2

Patch notes:

– Shamans can use staff + wand skills with the sphere.
– Shaman AOEs have been nerfed in success rate.
– Shaman Electro Sphere stun has been increased to 40% chance.
– Teleportation skill has been fixed to be Shaman-only. Players who were not a Shaman and learned this skill will have their skills reset on login.
– If a Shaman has been stunned, his/her AOE will only do fire and poison damage.
– Spartan Spear has been fixed.
– Raider’s Stealth cooldown has been increased to 3 minutes when used in the Game Arena, we will no longer give penalties for this.
– Removed the Artisan requirement of Mount Craft, it can now be used by all players to craft mount parts into mounts. It’s now sold at [Livestock Farmer] Sicru in Junon Polis.
– Fixed the delay bug with all AOE skills.
– Loading screen has been updated.
– Removed zulie requirement for receiving reward boxes.
– Added HP bonus stat for using a full set of the new P2P items.
– Added 5 new sets of accessory in the Item Mall

  • Shaman Jewelry Set
  • Cleric Jewelry Set
  • Muse Jewelry Set
  • Alchemist Jewelry Set
  • Artisan Jewelry Set

– Sphere weapons have been added as drops.
– Duel dance animations have been removed to stop it from bugging. Please use duels for betting, we will not handle tickets about bets anymore.