Update 2.8.0 : Shaman Job


Update 2.8.0 : Shaman Job

– Added the new Shaman Job

– Added the ‘conjuring’ system which lets you control an AOE weather effect such as a tornado.

  • You can’t use any other skills while being in this stasis mode
  • You can click the conjure skill again to end the effect immediatly.
  • The effect will end after 30 seconds.

– Added the ‘teleport’ skill type. It lets you instantly move by clicking the ground.
– Added a new weapon type ‘Sphere’ which is used by Shamans. While using a sphere, your character floats.
– The Shaman Job Change coupon can be bought in the Item Mall.

– The Achievement system has been updated to make achievements per-account, instead of per-character. All achievements of your characters have been merged.
– Updated the Achievement window with expandable info on your achievement progression.
– Every Achievement now has a score. Your total score can be used in rankings such as the Anniversary Event.
– Similar achievements have been grouped together.
– Added 18 new achievements:

  • Rose Master : Reached level 255 with every second job
  • Patience is a virtue : Reached level 255 as a visitor
  • Gold Digger I : Pick up 100,000 zulie, II : Pick up 1,000,000 zulie, III : Pick up 10,000,000 zulie
  • Party Animal : Level a Party from 1 to 50
  • Union Fighter I : Hoarded 150 faction points in one union, II : Hoarded 450 faction points in one union
  • Union Hero I : Obtained a total of 250 faction points, II : Obtained a total of 1000 faction points, III : Obtained a total of 5000 faction points
  • Union Warrior : Won the Union War 10 times
  • Arch-Rival : Kill 5 Arch-Astarots with a unique weapon
  • The Incredible Hulk : Kill these 4 bosses without any equipment
  • Extreme Couponing : Claim three coupon codes
  • Treasure Hunter : Find three Treasure Chests
  • The Godfather : Create a Clan
  • Master of Puppets : Become a Clan Master
  • Team Player I : Pick up 1,000 Clan Points, II : Pick up 5,000 Clan Points
  • We Are The Champions : Win a Clan PvP Tournament
  • Perfect Chaos : Survive five Clan PvP rounds
  • Lonely at the Top : Win the Solo PvP Tournament
  • Can’t Touch This : Survive 15 Solo PvP rounds

– Revamped the Mount system.

  • All old PAT-mount parts cannot be used anymore and must be crafted into a single Mount item with the Mount Craft skill.
  • All old PAT-saddles have been converted into 3 new saddles. The new saddles work as a drill: they permanently apply a saddle on your chosen mount item.
  • Mounts are now sold in one piece in the Item Mall, and you can rent a Mount for 7 days at a cheaper price.
  • The ‘Drive Mount’ skill will be removed. You can ride and exit your mount by clicking on your useitem.

– Added 5 new Item Mall armor sets.

  • Traditional Chinese Outfit
  • Shakespearean Clothing
  • Spartan Armor
  • Adventurer’s Garments
  • Inventor’s Vestments

– Added 4 new Event armor sets.

  • White Formal Wear
  • Black Formal Wear
  • White Tuxedo Look
  • Black Tuxedo Look

– Added Premium Spartan spear.

– Added a second Union War at 2 PM, the original UW is at 9:30 PM

– Added the map ‘Forgotten Monastery‘ on Luna.

  • To enter this map talk to [Arumic Prophet] Olleck Basilasi in Luna.

– Added the Storage Expansion item in Item Mall, this is used to unlock the two ‘Extra’ tabs in Premium storage.

  • This coupon is active for two weeks. If it has expired, you can still take items out of the Extra tabs.

– Added a 25 million zulie prize when you kill a Celestial War Crystal.

– Adjusted Mortar Unit Gloves craft requirement

  • Now asks for advance glove coupon.

– Adjusted Novice Alchemy craft table

  • Success rate on rune upgrading materials has been increased. Quantity remains the same.

– Adjusted Sapphire, they will now also have defense as second stat.

  • Sapphire [9] 60 Concentration 30 Defense
  • Sapphire [8] 45 Concentration 25 Defense
  • Sapphire [7] 35 Concentration 20 Defense
  • Sapphire [6] 25 Concentration 15 Defense
  • Sapphire [5] 20 Concentration 12 Defense
  • Sapphire [4] 15 Concentration 10 Defense
  • Sapphire [3] 11 Concentration 8 Defense
  • Sapphire [2] 8 Concentration 6 Defense
  • Sapphire [1] 5 Concentration 4 Defense

– Adjusted the contents of Treasure Chests.
– Adjusted the rewards of harvesting plants. They no longer reward DP.
– Adjusted the Game Arena tie-breaker. It now also looks at how much damage you have inflicted when no player has died.
– Adjusted the Collector pet, it can’t be attacked by monsters anymore.
– Adjusted Low Tournament (Team) to PVP Tournament (Team)
– Adjusted the time/day of PVP Tournament (Team), it starts now every Thursday 8 PM.
– Adjusted the time/day of Low Tournament (Solo), it starts now every Tuesday 8 PM.
– Added the Anniversary Giftbag, you can receive your gift by using /coupon ANNIV6 ingame.

– Fixed a bug with rune upgrade materials where they would disappear when dropped.
– Fixed a bug where your attack speed could glitch when switching items. You will now stop attacking whenever you switch equipment.
– Fixed the engine error popups in Junon Polis.