Update 2.3.1 : Runes, Item Linking, Vending saved


Update 2.3.1 : Runes, Item Linking, Vending saved

– Added the Rune system
* Success Runes can be used to increase the success rate of refining by 10%. You can use 2 per refining.
* Protection Runes can be used to protect your item or gem: In refining it will prevent item degrading on fail, In gem removal it will prevent gem degrading or destroying.
* Enlightenment runes can be used in the Polish system to change your item stat. Every item without socket can be polished.
You can use a rune to get “any” stat, or a stat for Soldier, Muse, Hawker or Dealer.

* Runes can be bought in the Item Mall in Items > Enhance.
* Added the Polish window
* Added Polish to Crune in Junon and Pavrick in Eucar.
* Added Refining to Crune in Junon

– Added the chat clicking and item linking
* You can insert your item in chat by doing shift+click on the item icon. It also works in private messages. You can then click it to see the item icon and details.
(+ The vending message when selling or buying an item from a shop now also contains an item link )
(+ The pickup message when a party member picks up an item now also contains an item link )
* You can click the links to Website, Forum and Support in System chat
* You can click the name of the player when you receive a whisper, to whisper to him
* You can click unlocked achievements of other players to see the achievement icon and description.
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– Vending List is now saved.
– Changed the inactive buy list items to a darker grey icon.

– Added Craft Repeating
* You can select from a list how many times you want to repeat your craft using the same materials.
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– Added extra warnings in the Pin System.
* Char and Item Mall rights will now ask a confirmation. We will slowly stop supporting “hack” cases where the pin system was not used correctly.
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Game Arena:
– Lowered the effect of cleric buffs in the Arena again so Clerics won’t dominate the 1v1 Tournament.
– Disabled the use of icicles, scrolls and boosters
– The Join button will now automatically join you in the Solo Tournament queue if registration is open.
– Added a confirm popup for leaving the queue.

– Adjusted the Item tooltip to use lightblue for text like “Attack Power:” and white for values.
– Adjusted the Item tooltip so Life span is now relative to your durability (eg: 125/125 instead of 100% )
– Fixed Collector and Harvester skill icons (Loot pets)
– Fixed a bug with Collector that would disconnect players
– Fixed Snowboards getting stuck on bridges.
– Fixed several hats and caps with hair problems.
– Made some improvements to the Refine window.
– Fixed some server instability issues.
– Updated some very old parts of the client.